Don’t feel like cooking an organic meal? Eat at The Beet Organic Cafe

Located in the heart of the Junction at 2945 Dundas Street West, The Beet Organic Café offers an eclectic, delicious menu of fully organic fare for both adults and kids. Owned and operated by Michelle Vella, a certified nutritional practitioner, and Heather Osler, a homeopathic doctor, you can be guaranteed a healthy and sumptious organic meal at this Toronto cafe. I’ve had the lamb burger and roasted chicken sandwich, and I actually groaned out loud. Between the cool atmosphere, delicious organic meals, open concept design, and beautiful bathrooms, The Beet is a must-visit Junction cafe.

And bringing my kids there made my life so simple. No dragging two different bags of snacks and having my kids not want to eat any of it. The Beet’s kiddie menu offers a wheat-free and gluten-free Nibbler Platter, complete with: bite sized steamed tofu pieces or roast chicken, sweet potato, cheddar cheese and apple. For vegans, the cheese can be replaced with avocado. And the babies get organic eating, too: homemade purees so you don’t even have to bring any of those breakable glass jars.

Though The Beet doesn’t have toys and books to entertain your kids, there is a huge overhead fan that delighted my squirmy 15-month-old daughter for almost the entire time we were there. And when she got bored, she was content to munch on her sweet potato fries and roasted chicken.

Since I’ve become a mom, I’ve spent a lot of time in bathrooms. So, whenever I go out with my kids, the bathroom is one of the first places I check out. Is it clean? Is there a change table? Well, The Beet has got to have one of the most gorgeous and kid-friendly bathrooms in the city.

Stocked with the yummiest smelling soaps, the change table is just like home—only nicer. There is a heart twisting picture of a newborn baby above a simple wooden change table. The change pad (though you may want to bring your own) is soft and luxurious, and the silver faucets are straight out of a design magazine. Honestly, I could have plunked down and eaten my lunch right there.

Not only a family hotspot during the day, The Beet also opens at night when the kids are asleep. Sit out on the patio and have a drink (The Beet is fully licensed), eat food so incredibly tasty that you’ll feel better after every bite and revel in the design philosophy now that you’re unencumbered by the kids. According to Michelle Vella, every single piece of furniture is made from entirely recycled materials. From the sunflower seed tables to the wooden counters, you’ll not only have an awesome time at this organic food haven, but you’ll also feel good doing it.

The Beet Organic Cafe
2945 Dundas Street West, Toronto, 416-916-2368
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