Best Toronto Family Portrait Photographers

Every family needs to get their portrait done. But if you’re looking for something better than the typical departmental portrait studio, look no further. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be looking for Toronto’s best portrait photographers.

If you’re looking for a portrait photographer who can shoot your next family portrait, take those belly maternity shots or capture the early days of your newborn, you’ve come to the right place. This is Toronto’s essential list of professional photographers who practice kids and children’s photography, maternity photography, and family photography.

To qualify, the photographers on this list had to focus on maternity, newborn, children’s or family portraiture, as well as talent that, well, kicked butt. You’ll find photographers from all over the Greater Toronto Area with different and varying style that we’re sure will meet anyone’s taste.

Once we’ve assembled our 50, we’ll be turning it to you, our readers, to vote on your favourites.

Here are the nominated 50 in order of publication:

  1. Ian Taylor
  2. Jessica Blaine Smith
  3. Diana Nazareth
  4. Shannon Nicole
  5. Cheri Bracic and Lisa Fonte
  6. Kayla Boyle
  7. Kimberly Walker
  8. Elizabeth Salib
  9. Joey Chau
  10. Irina Fortey
  11. Jennifer Ballard
  12. Carly Wade
  13. Jessica Brydson
  14. Charlotte Biesse
  15. Alana McClure
  16. Beverley Daniels
  17. Sarah Wiggins
  18. Ardean Peters
  19. Annya Miller
  20. Kim Lovell
  21. Josée Caza
  22. Naomi Claire
  23. Heather Rivlin
  24. Jaime Coyle
  25. Meghan Liddle
  26. Yuki Noda
  27. Molly Crealock
  28. Kimberly Dunbar
  29. Blynda DaCosta
  30. Valter Mendes
  31. Sara Desjardins
  32. Michael Moore
  33. Andrea Rees
  34. Jennifer Cotman
  35. Stephanie Webster
  36. Jennifer Newberry
  37. Anne Mason
  38. Negin Sairafi
  39. Leigh Tynan and Nicole White
  40. Jennifer Wagar
  41. Chandra Tim
  42. Robert Rafton
  43. Mary Clarke
  44. Carl Reid and Nicole Griffith
  45. Jennifer Pearson
  46. Brian Tao
  47. Petra King
  48. Lucy Literna

We’re still looking for nominations! Please contact us to nominate yours.

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