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Best Toronto Photographer Ardean Peters Toronto born and raised, Ardean Peters has always been fascinated with creating. She spent 3 creatively challenging years at Seneca College, graduating with a Diploma in Fashion Design & Production. After years of non-inspiring work, she remembered her old Canon rangefinder and how much she enjoyed taking pictures. Now she is continually inspired by photography and her continued learning and growth in it, enjoying the areas of portraiture & wedding photography.

What inspired you to become a photographer?

My inspiration is simply that I love taking pictures. I spent many years in administrative roles, but I’d always longed to do something creative. Then I realized I could do that with my photography. Friends had been telling me for years what a natural talent I had for it, and it finally started to sink in and I decided to take the leap.

How would you characterize your style?

My style is really about capturing the realest expression of the people I photograph. Along with that, I am always inspired by light. Soft, diffuse, pretty light, or even strong, hard, raking light. When I have beautiful light to shoot with, I am always happy.

Who are your clients and what should they expect?

My clients are people who love life and take time to enjoy it. People who understand that work (that is not their passion) isn’t the most important thing in their lives. They are down-to-earth people who like exchanging ideas, good conversation and LOVE to have fun. I’m really easy going and like when a session feels natural and unforced.

Anything else to share?

People always tell me they had fun at the end of a session, so be prepared to enjoy yourself when you book a session with me!

Photography by Ardean | Facebook | Twitter: @photosbyardean

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  1. Ardean really is THE BEST photographer I have ever worked with. She’s SUPER FABULOUS. Glad to see her get the recognition she so deserves!!!

    -Rochelle Hanson
    Simply Natural Ideas

  2. Ardean was born with this innate talent to capture pictures and impress everyone with how she uses natural light and how awesome the final product looks like. It’s like artwork in pictures. She truly does make you feel comfortable and she also will do whatever it takes to get the best possible pictures. What impressed me was the research she does before a shoot, this is one prepared photographer! Ardean has taken my headshots, our engagement pictures and our wedding pictures. She will part of my life during all the special moments that are ahead and I am grateful to know the beauty in them will be captured through Ardean’s lens. It is for this reason that I am Ardean’s biggest fan and would recommend her services to anyone who wants the best photography done. Glad to see her featured as she deserves it!

  3. Ardean is a fantastic photographer! She captures her subjects when they are having fun and o not realize they are being photographed. Loved every single minute she was with us (wedding).

  4. Ardean Peters is an awesome photographer and a great person. She is very nice and will always make you feel at ease. Very talented photographer!

  5. I have been fortunate to see Ardean on the job (and have a few photo’s of myself taken) at Marianthi Mesbouris wedding in November. Ardean is the most outgoing person I have ever met. She is a pro and entertains everyone at the same time!! She is gifted in so many ways. Looking forward to having my family portraits with her soon !!!

  6. Amazing Photographer. Awesome role model too!
    I’ve learned a lot about photography from Ardean.
    A great help on my Alice in Wonderland shoot.

  7. Ardean has a great eye and even greater personality! She is patient and good-hearted which conspire to bring out the best of her subjects. As a fellow photographer I am always inspired by her work. Congratulations on this feature and keep up the awesome work!!

  8. Ardean is, quite simply, a fantastic photographer in every way. She takes her cues from the personalities of the subjects, adapting her techniques to suit the people, the mood and the surroundings. She engages people as she photographs them and the result is beautiful, unique and amazing photos.