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Chicks That Klick. Photographers in Toronto.Specializing in family portraits, but also covering a broad range of events, Cheri Bracic and Lisa Fonte of Chicks that Klick have the ability to seize that perfect moment in time. Our photographers come from a graphic design and photography background which makes for the perfect match in getting the right shot.

What inspired you to become a photographer?

Capturing moments that bring smiles, tears, and joy to others is what we love most about photography. There is beauty in so many things that others may not see, but we always take the time to look around to enjoy and capture those moments to create memories that last a lifetime.

How would you characterize your style?

Chicks that Klick’s style for photography encompasses in the moment candid shots especially when dealing with children and weddings. Shooting traditional photos and adding a creative modern day twist to suit the client needs.

Who are your clients and what should they expect?

Our clientele vary from executive professionals looking for individual portraits to corporate events as well as family personal requests for all types of functions. During every photo shoot, our clients can expect a professional and calming atmosphere so that we can capture the real life moment of every event.

Anything else to share?

While specializing in an area of photography that has been the norm in the industry, Chicks that Klick have taken a different approach. The combination of graphic design and photography brings a different style to everything we do. That keen eye for the perfect image allows every photo to stand out. Not only do you get the photo you want, you also get the creative images you may not have thought about. This combination is what sets Chicks that Klick apart from the rest. | Facebook | Twitter: @ChicksthatKlick

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