Best Toronto Portrait Photographers: Elizabeth Salib

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Elizabeth Salib photographer in Toronto. Elizabeth Salib‘s aim is to capture the natural beauty of the people and relationships in front of her camera.

What inspired you to become a photographer?

When I first began photography, I experimented with all types: still life, nature, and architecture, as well as portraiture. But what really drove me to continue taking pictures was people. I loved their faces, their movements, their emotions. Most of all, I loved showing them the pictures I’d taken of them, helping them see how beautiful they were.

How would you characterize your style?

I categorize my images as emotive portraiture, meaning I concentrate on the feelings and sentiments of the people I photograph. My photography is also geared toward showing the beauty in every face I capture.

Who are your clients and what should they expect?

My clients, primarily families and children, should expect to have fun and feel comfortable while working with me, and should expect to have some amazing images that reflect their personalities to look forward to. | Facebook

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