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Shannon Nicole. Photographer in Toronto.Shannon Nicole is a full time photographer, full time in the sense that this is her career but more importantly that it is her passion. Even when not on a job or with a camera in hand she watches with a creative eye and how she would pursue the perfect shot of a passing moment. She loves natural and candid moments that are caught when her subject(s) forget about her and her camera and they are just themselves. She captures portraits, maternity, newborn, engagements weddings and events. Shannon has a photography degree from Ryerson University where she graduated in 2006.

What inspired you to become a photographer?

My love for photography started in high school. I was introduced to Henri Cartier-Bresson in my art history course and fell in love with his work; his fleeting moments in black and white. It inspired me to take a photography class. I fell in love instantly with shooting and watching an image develop in the darkroom. It went from a hobby to a passion which I then pursued as my career.

How would you characterize your style?

My work is very candid and intimate. I love using natural light and capturing a moment that may go unnoticed unless someone is really watching carefully. When I do pose people I often work with their natural body language and mannerisms and try to catch a glimpse of their personality.

What should your clients expect?

My clients are awesome! I love people, I love people in love and I love loving families. I love what I do because I am generally at a shoot to capture the happy moments. That is what my clients should expect; a cheerful, young woman that is there to capture the natural beauty of the people I am photographing using my own creativity and the help of my Nikon.

Anything else to share?

My blog:

 Shannon Nicole Photography | Twitter: @Shannon3Nicole

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