Family Friendly Roncesvalles Village: Top 5 Things to Do

The rejuvenated “Roncy”, as the locals call it, makes for one of the city’s most enchanting strolls. After a multi-year construction project, which revamped the sidewalks and added benches and more trees, Roncesvalles Village is back in full force. Fiercely independent, casually-hip and inhabited by creative types along side remnants of the “Polish guard”, Roncesvalles is a haven for young families and hipsters alike, who crave a cool, yet small-town feel. I decided to take a walk with stroller-pushing parents and our kids and have a friendly chat with store owners.  A neighbourhood full of gems for Toronto moms, Roncesvalles is bordered by Queen Street on the south-end, and Dundas on the north-end. I started down-south and walked my way up to discover a family friendly Roncesvalles.

Cherry Bomb Coffee

79 Roncesvalles Avenue |
Cherry Bomb on Urbanspoon

Cherry Bomb Coffee on Roncesvalles. Things to do in Toronto.

At the south-end of the street, the best place to get a coffee and a decadent fresh-baked croissant or scone is Cherry Bomb. A favourite with the locals, it is packed with parents with kids, and strollers parked on the street, as well as couples.

The Film Buff

73 Roncesvalles Avenue |

If it’s past 12 pm, you can get a delicious, and very affordable, ice-cream at the Film Buff, old-time local video store, which attracts parents and their kids.

Planet Kid

87 Roncesvalles Avenue |

Planet Kid. Top things to do in Toronto.

For independent, uniquely sourced Canadian brands, you can step inside of the Planet Kid. The local cool kid clothing retailer on the street, Planet Kid features a perfect mix of smart design and great quality outfits and accessories for babies and kids.

Scooter Girl

187 Roncesvalles Ave. |

Scooter Girl Toy Store Roncesvalles. Activities to do with kids.

Make your way up the street, going north, and enter Scooter Girl, if you want to get independently sourced toys, games and books for kids. It’s the coolest toy store on the strip.

Granowska’s Bakery

175 Roncesvalles Avenue |

Granowska's on Urbanspoon

Granowska's Bakery. Where to eat in Toronto.

If you are hungry there are plenty of mom-friendly places to feature from Tinto to Brad’s, further North on the street, but today I am going to stop at Granowska’s one of the old time favourite Polish bakeries that serves home-made desserts, soups and sandwiches, ice cream and good, Viennese style coffee. A plus is the fenced patio that allows your toddler to run around safely.

Another Story Bookshop

315 Roncesvalles Avenue |

Another Story Bookshop. Things to do in Toronto.

And if you have time for an additional stop, do visit Another Story Bookshop, independent shop who has a good selection of children’s books, along with a very well curate fiction and socially conscious titles.

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  1. Such a great collection of little places!
    Also, way down here a the Southern tip of Roncy we here at Cardinal rule are super kid friendly! With small options for small appetites, a collection of colouring books, kids cups, a stroller parking area, high chairs and changing table we are set up fro little ones of all ages. Stay tuned for a new kids menu too!


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