Favourite Things: Grace MacCall of TykeThreads boys’ clothing

Grace MacCall, TykeThreads, Favourite ThingsGrace MacCall is the founder of TykeThreads, an online store carrying hip, unique clothing for boys. Boys get shortchanged in the style department and TykeThreads’ mission is to change that. Grace wasn’t much of an online shopper until her son showed up. Eight weeks early. Suddenly, online shopping was the only choice between hospital trips! That was in 2007 and the start of TykeThreads.com. TykeThreads carries clothes that look great, but also insists on quality. “We want clothes that can be handed down and re-used!,” says Grace. We caught up with Grace recently to talk about some of her favourite things.

Favourite Thing for your Son

Our general policy is to spend on experiences rather than things, so my favourite thing for my son is the membership to the Ontario Science Centre.

Favourite Thing for You

When my son is down for the night, I look forward to a nice soak in the tub with lots of pretty smelling soaps and bubbles from L’Occitane or Aveda.

Favourite Thing for Work

My iPhone. My smart phone allows me to squeeze in a bit of work while waiting for my coffee, waiting for the bus, waiting for my kid after school, waiting for an appointment, etc. You get the picture.

Favourite Place in Toronto

I love the Beach neighbourhood. I moved here from Vancouver in 1998 and immediately felt at home living near the lake and boardwalk.

Favourite Christmas Gift Idea

Books! I love giving them and receiving them. I’m pretty old school. I work online but I’m a sucker for paper products like magazines, newspapers and books.

Favourite Restaurant

As a family, our old standby is Cool Runnings, a small, family-run Caribbean restaurant down the street. We love their veggie curry rotis. For a nice evening out as a couple (and it’s been awhile since we’ve had one of those), we love Pangaea. And for a special weekend away, I love the restaurant at Langdon Hall.


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