Lazy Daisy’s: A New Kid Friendly Cafe in Toronto’s East End

Scroll down to find out about some Halloween fun today at Lazy Daisy’s!

Toronto’s Gerrard and Coxwell area, better known as Little India, has been screaming for a decent cafe for a long time. Neighbourhood resident Dawn Chapman has answered this call with the launch of her new kid friendly cafe Lazy Daisy’s.

Farm Fresh Philosophy

Kid friendly Lazy Daisy's

Spending time at her uncle’s farm in Milton, Ontario, inspired Dawn to make sure that Lazy Daisy’s used locally sourced, fresh, and organic foods.  Daisy was actually a real cow on her uncle’s farm, and her influence abounds throughout the cafe. The decor can be described as sophisticated farmhouse. Tables are made from reclaimed barn wood placed on top of stainless steel legs; walls reveal exposed brick and display local art; while rustic wooden crates are used to display merchandise, jams, and sauces available for purchase. A board at the front of the store maps out where food in the cafe is sourced and includes a biography of a local farmer, which will change monthly.

Baked Goodies and More 

Kid friendly Lazy Daisy's foodI stopped by Lazy Daisy’s with my little one on a Sunday afternoon, and the place was bustling. Being a sucker for sweets, I ordered a butter tart and a lovely latte. The butter tart was unbelievably delicious: the perfect amount of sweet, gooey filling, surrounded by a light, buttery pastry, and the latte was perfect. My little one enjoyed pretending to be a big girl by drinking a Vanilla Moo: milk steamed to a nice, warm, not-too-hot, temperature with a shot of vanilla, served in a kid-sized coffee cup. She dropped the big girl act, when she noticed the train set and toys at the back of the cafe. Off she went to play, while I perused the rest of the food and drink offerings at Lazy Daisy’s. Sandwiches, salads, soups, chili, bagels and quiche are made fresh, as well as an array of coffee and tea selections, home-made spreads and sauces. Regretting the lunch I ate before I came, I vowed to return soon to try some of the heartier foods at Lazy Daisy’s, including the gooey melted cheddar sandwich with apple chutney.

 Community Connections

If you are looking for something to do this Halloween, make sure to stop by Lazy Daisy’s for their Halloween Costume Contest for kids 10 and under. Professional Photographer Sara Desjardins will be on-site to take free Facebook portraits of little ones, and prizes will be awarded based on the number of Facebook likes the photos receive. Visit Lazy Daisy’s Facebook page for more information.

Lazy Daisy’s Cafe is certainly a welcome addition to this community and the appreciation is evident. Business is bustling and reviews are positive. Dawn’s commitment to supporting local farmers, and creating a place where everyone young, old and in between is welcome, brings a refreshing dose of country warmth to the city.

Kid friendly Lazy Daisy's Cafe sign

 Lazy Daisy’s Cafe

1515 Gerrard Street East
(647) 278-3966 | Facebook