Best cakes in Toronto: Mamacakes, Sweet Treats for the Holidays

Mouth-watering, melt in your mouth and moan-worthy, Mamacakes is one of the best bakeries Toronto has to offer. Most bakeries have a nice selection of holiday treats. Mamacakes not only has sweet treats for the holidays, their treats are also gorgeous and so intricately made that it’s almost a shame to take a bite. But when you do bite into any one of Mamacake’s delectable delights, you will sigh with pure pleasure.

Best Cakes in Toronto, Pizza Cupcakes
This is actually 19 cupcakes!

Created by a Junction mom, Mamacakes is an online bakery that arouses all of your senses. This ESL teacher opened her bakery in the winter of 2010 and it has been growing more popular by the day. Helen grew up baking traditional English Christmas cakes and cookies with her mom. And every time her dad had a chore for her to do, she would happily call out that she was busy baking. He never argued because her creations are that good. After friends and family urged her to share her gift with the world, Helen created Mamacakes. Weddings, baby showers, work functions or birthdays, Helen will custom design delectable treats for all of your celebratory functions. You choose the sizes, flavours, colours and types of icings/decorations, and Helen makes sure you are completely satisfied with your order.

Artistry in Baking

Mamacakes’ designs are truly remarkable. With a unique artistic flare, Helen creates realistic looking pizzas, made from 19 cupcakes, cakes with babies asleep under blankets and soccer fields, complete with astro turf, that you’ll want to reach out and touch. And then immediately taste! She bakes one order at a time so she can give each cupcake and cookie loving attention to detail. Helen spends at least four hours on each order so she can design to perfection.

Best cakes in Toronto, green cupcakes

Helen insists that her baking is back-to-basics. In her desire to include only the best quality ingredients, Mamacakes uses real butter, Madagascar Bourbon vanilla paste (way better than just pure vanilla) and organic ingredients whenever possible because she also wants her food to be affordable. Mamacakes also uses gel icing to ensure that not too much dye goes into her baking.  Recalling a time of simple and old-fashioned baking, Mamacake’s results are unbelievable.

Best cakes in Toronto, welcome baby cake

Passion and Love

Mamacakes is built on love and passion for food. For busy moms, being able to order online and see what you might be getting (Mamacakes adds new photos all the time) is much easier than trekking to the local bakery. And the local bakery might not have the time to make you exactly what you’ve been dreaming of. Mamacakes will deliver to areas in the west end of Toronto; otherwise, you can simply pick your order up. Take a bite out of something sublime from Mamacakes the next time you’ve got a craving for the simply sweet.



Toronto, Ontario, 416-301-9869

Photos by Mamacakes.

  1. Mamacakes cupcakes are absolutely delicious! I had the good fortune to try them and they melt in the mouth!
    I would definately recommend you try Mamacakes.. you will not be disappointed!!