Acitivities in Toronto: Sunny Mummy Mom Spa

Mommy Spa Day

I’m a full-time stay-at-home mom while running my own business. Obviously, I crave some serious me time. So, when I heard about Sunny Mummy Spa + Boutique, I desperately wanted to visit a spa with on-site childcare. I was sold before I even got to this intimate and comfortable mom spa. Delicious treats include: Reiki, reflexology, hot stone massage, facials and a Carribbean body scrub with massage. I opted for the 60 minute massage and manicure. Totally relaxing and wonderfully indulgent, I couldn’t wait to get started.

And the kids?

Activities in Toronto, Spa

I’d never left my daughter in anyone else’s care other than her grandparents. But, from the moment we walked into the neat and completely toxin-free childcare room, I was hooked. Though small, it fits up to 5 children. The creamy walls and simple paintings give the space an open, airy feel. There are tons of toys and quite a few books for the kids to eat and flip pages. Bring a nut-free snack, socks and diaper essentials and walk away. My daughter was so entranced that she barely noticed I wasn’t there. In fact, she stayed completely happy for two and a half hours!

In those incredible two and half hours, I had a manicure and lovely chat, my shoulders fell away from my ears, and I breathed. While my nails were filed and buffed, I could hear my daughter happily chatting away. And with my highly sensitive skin, I was pleased to know that all of the products are made by Aveda: flower-based and toxin-free.

A Brilliant Creation

Sunny Mummy was created by Nilla Petta, who after the birth of her daughter realized that women in Toronto couldn’t have any time to themselves if they didn’t have childcare. Just going to the bathroom alone is a treat in itself. Regenerating and rebalancing mom is what Sunny Mummy is all about.

Time for my massage. With the soothing background music and the RMT’s strong, capable hands, I was mush in minutes. Though hearing my daughter’s voice steps away was slightly disconcerting, I also felt comfortable knowing that she was happy and well taken care of. I was lovingly massaged: my bones stopped aching and my brain finally turned off. I nearly cried.

Amazing massage over, I floated back to the manicure chair so my nails could be polished to pink perfection. My daughter was still happy, and I was a changed woman. Not only does Sunny Mummy offer childcare during spa sessions, but they also have a drop-off childcare option available. All of the childminders have CPR and some form of ECE training.

Activities in Toronto, Spa

Looking to franchise, Nilla wants to see Sunny Mummy all over the GTA. Sunny Mummy offers discount and sampler packages for mommy groups. So, grab your kids, diaper bag and stress-filled self and head over to one of the most mommy-centred spas that exists in Toronto. Designed by a mom for moms, there is no spa better than Sunny Mummy.

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903 Queen Street West, Toronto, 647-430-3883