Toronto Restaurant Review: The Pear Tree in Cabbagetown

Every once in a while I am afforded a free evening, and when this happens I am always eager to sample an amazing Toronto restaurant.  My recent eating adventures led me to The Pear Tree Restaurant in Cabbagetown and a lovely meal with a couple vegetarian friends. The Pear Tree is one of those hidden gems that is a hot spot for locals, generating a loyal following of diners, yet remaining fairly unheard of outside the neighbourhood. Hidden in a quiet stretch of Parliament Street, The Pear Tree is easily passed by, but definitely worth a visit.

A Taste of the World

The Pear Tree offers a unique and diverse mix of cuisine styles.  Specializing in Canadian, French, Italian, Cajun, Indian and Vegetarian dishes, The Pear Tree manages to hit the mark and make delicious dishes using a variety of cultural inspirations. With such a wide range of specialties, a visit to this unique restaurant is like a scrumptious world tour.

Something for Everyone

The Pear Tree, Toronto restaurant, Cabbagetown

If your eating crowd consists of a mix of vegetarians and meat eaters, Pear Tree is a perfect location. The menu includes a large number of items, many of which are vegetarian. My veggie buds opted for the Quesadillas and the Vegetable Ravioli.

The Pear Tree, Toronto restaurant, Cabbagetown

Both seemed very pleased with their meals, although the Veggie Quesadillas were the clear winner, as my ravioli-ordering friend seemed more than eager to sample the Quesadillas again, and again, and again. 

The Pear Tree, Toronto restaurant, plate of pasta

I decided to go for the Coconut Curry Chicken Penne and was not disappointed. The curry is made to order — mild, medium or hot — depending on your taste for spice. I choose a mild curry and it provided a nice kick that didn’t leave my mouth burning for relief.  There are tons of other choices for all tastes, including, salads, steaks, lamb chops, stir-fries, sandwiches, burgers and quiche. The menu even includes a small kid’s section, with a few standard choices like chicken fingers, grilled cheese and pasta. With so many choices available, The Pear Tree is one of those places that needs a second, third and even fourth visit to truly be appreciated.  In addition to the loaded regular menu, The Pear Tree also offers a very popular weekend brunch.

Cozy and Quaint

The Pear Tree interior, Toronto restaurant,

While the decor at The Pear Tree could be described as a bit dated, there is a quaint atmosphere that makes customers feel welcomed and cozy. Exposed brick, cheerful paintings and interesting food and wine displays create a unique eating environment. The solarium and back patio are particularly inviting. In the warmer weather, the patio, which includes a large shady tree and an intriguing fence mural, feels like a hidden oasis in the heart of the city. The Pear Tree is one of those places that has consistently top-quality food and a comfortable dining environment. With so little time for dining out, it is comforting to have a place like The Pear Tree, where a busy mom can count on a nice night out.

The Pear Tree

507 Parliament Street, Toronto, 416- 962-8190