2012’s 30 Top Mom Blogs of Toronto: 19-24

You nominated some great choices for our 2012 Ultimate Toronto Mom Bloggers. Now before we ask you to vote on your favourite, we’ll be introducing you to the 30 top nominees over the week. This week say hello to:

Fiona and Lyranda of Reasons Mommy Drinks

30 Top Mom Blogs Nominee





Fiona and Lyranda met at North Toronto CI two decades ago. After graduating from Queen’s they each embarked on careers in marketing and advertising in Toronto, while honing their comedic skills through The Second City and founding a sketch comedy troupe, Math is Hard. In 2011, they serendipitously had baby boys four months apart, sparking a new collaboration in blogging. Blending comedy with raw honesty, and spiked with pop culture, www.ReasonsMommyDrinks.com serves up an unfiltered and entertaining look at raising children while balancing careers and fledging social lives, accompanied by content-inspired beverage recipes.

Vicky Weiss of Mom Who Runs

30 Top Mom Blogs Nominee





Mom Who Runs is a blog written by Vicky Weiss who lives in Toronto. She loves to cook, discover new restaurants, and travel (with a focus on food and not museums). She also loves to share information regarding events, sample sales, and recipes. When not eating or cooking you can find her on the dreadmill (err, treadmill). She needs to run so she can eat!!

Carolyn Verkuyl of Carolyn Draws

30 Top Mom Blogs Nominee





Carolyn is an illustrator, art director and Toronto mom of three. When she’s not hurdling piles of laundry, hockey equipment, homework deadlines or tween angst, she draws. Inspired by daily life and a dog named Larry, her illustrations are infused with a brand of humour uniquely appreciated by the under caffeinated. For fun, she takes her traveling nut show completely off the grid every summer. And the drawings only get better.

Rebecca Cuneo Keenan of Playground Confidential

30 Top Mom Blogs Nominee





Rebecca is a mommy-blogger. Wait, no, mom blogger. Oh, even better, parenting blogger! While she doesn’t drive a minivan, she does drive a car that is shaped like a minivan. When she’s not schlepping her three kids around in her not-a-minivan, feeding, cleaning up after or otherwise trying to keep them alive for another day, She’s writing. She mostly tries to laugh at herself here at Playground Confidential, if only to keep from crying. Let her shortcomings be your entertainment.

Jane Martin at Toronto Shopoholic

2012 best mom blog nominee





The brainchild of a part-time CA and full time shopper! This blog is personal and shares a lot of Jane’s opinions on fashion, what she is wearing, buying and returning. Because she does all her shopping in Toronto you will hear a lot of references to boutiques and malls from this area. If you are looking for more detailed information to plan a shopping trip to Toronto, or want to visit a new maybe lesser known Toronto shopping neighbourhood her main website torontoShopoholic.com is the best place for all Toronto shopping information!

Nysa Zaran “Midtown mama” of Midtown parent

30 Top Mom Blogs Nominee





Nysa spends her Mat Leave (and beyond?) touting out and about the nearby tot friendly places. She lives midtown in Toronto. She doesn’t have a car and goes anywhere her feet or the TTC will take her in a short enough time that the kids won’t fall asleep before they get there. Nysa provides great reviews of playgrounds and things to do with kids in the Toronto area.






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