5 Great Gift ideas for Mom

Mother’s Day is almost here so it’s time to think about mom would like the most. We have your your answer with five great gift ideas below!

Something to Read

5 great gift ideas for Mom, Fifty Shades of Grey

Who hasn’t heard about the tantalizing read Fifty Shades of Grey? Either dropping your kids off at school, at a play group or just at the grocery store, everyone is talking about E L James’ racy trilogy. Dubbed “mommy porn,” what mom couldn’t use a good escape for Mother’s Day?

Check it out: It’s selling like hotcakes anywhere books are sold.


Something to Drink

5 great gift ideas for Mom, David's Tea

Pretty much everyone loves a good cup of tea now and again – to start the day, to relax or with friends. Why not spice up mom’s life a little bit with some flavours she may not have tried? To celebrate Mother’s Day, David’s Tea has a brew called Mama Mia – a rosy blend of hibiscus, cinnamon, pineapple and more, as well as Mother’s Little Helper – a blend of organic valerian, chamomile, peppermint and lemongrass. You can even pick up some great tea accessories to add on to your gift!

Check it out: There are several locations in the city, or for easy convenience, shop online.


Something to Grow

5 great gift ideas for Mom, Blooms

Whether mom has a green thumb or not, she’s sure to appreciate some colourful blooms to brighten up her garden. Not only is it good for the environment and adds beauty to your yard, but the planting and weeding can provide great outdoor time together.

Check it out:  Torontooffers several great nurseries including Summerhill Nursery & Floral, Sheridan Nurseries, and East End Garden Centre  .


Something to Eat

5 great gift ideas for Mom, Make dinner

Whether you’re a stay at home mom or one who works, everyone could use a break from making dinner at some point. Work up a great menu of all of mom’s favourite dishes, and don’t forget dessert! You don’t even have to make it all yourself, there are many places that sell some prepared dishes. Create some great ambience too. Pretty it up with special dishes, napkins and even some flowers and candles.

Check it out: There are several places to find what you need in the city. Check out Pusateris, Whole Foods  or even your local Sobeys or Loblaws.


Something to accessorize

5 great gift ideas for Mom, jewellery

Everyone likes to look nice, even busy moms. But to get mom a nice accessory, try something unique – and you don’t have to spend a bundle!

Check it out: Etsy offers up thousands of great finds from necklaces and bracelets to scarves and earrings.

No matter what you get mom, she’s sure to love it, and love you for thinking of her!

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