5 Great Children’s Bookstores in Toronto

It’s Family Literacy Day — time to share the joy of reading with your little ones. Sit down, open a new book and get lost in a wonderful story. Here are five great places to find books for children in Toronto – Literacy Day and every day.

Mabel’s Fables

662 Mount Pleasant Road | www.mablesfables.com

This small, cozy store is a haven for young book-lovers. Organized by age for easier browsing, the downstairs caters to the younger ages while upstairs holds books for tweens and teens. Mabel’s carries fiction and non-fiction as well as housing a French section. Don’t miss out on their great programs too, for everyone from babies to young adult writers. And be sure to give a pat to the real Mabel the cat who lives in the store!

Ella Minnow Children’s Bookstore

1915 Queen Street East | www.ellaminnow.ca

Located in the Beaches, Ella Minnow offers books, toys, puzzles and games for all children from infants to teens. Beginning in February those with infants or toddlers can take part in Sing, Baby, Sing, complete with stories and songs. And if you have time, don’t forget to visit the real bunnies in the back!

Mastermind Toys

Multiple Locations | www.mastermindtoys.com

Besides a great selection of educational and imaginative toys, Mastermind offers up a great selection of books for children. Whether it’s fiction, non-fiction, sticker or colouring, Mastermind has what you’re looking for. You can also find great theme-based reads during special times of the year, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, just to name a few. Comfy benches offer you a chance to sit down with your little one and explore a new world!

Another Story Bookshop

315 Roncesvalles Avenue | www.anotherstory.ca

With more books for children than adults, Another Story is a great place to try. With a focus on social justice, equity and diversity, they carry the classics as well as popular titles. Popular titles are stories on First Nations as well as environmental books, and their books range from birth to teens. If you have a young one between the ages of 10 and 14, try out their young adult book club that meets once a month.

Treasure Island Toys

581 Danforth Avenue | www.treasureislandtoys.ca

With their entire back wall devoted to books, Treasure Island has a lot to choose from. From board books to early readers, they have something for everyone, as well as some French titles. Carpeted with seating, it’s accessible to sit down and flip through some titles with your little one. Their reading rack offers up books for kids to take a look at too.

There are so many places to find great books for children in Toronto. Tell us where you go to find and share great reads.

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Melissa Carter

Melissa Carter is a writer and editor, living in Toronto. She loves baking apple crisps and fruit pies, napping on a blanket at the beach, running on the shore, and camping out in the living room for fried chicken picnics.

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