Best Toronto Portrait Photographers: Carl Reid and Nicole Griffith

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Photographer in Toronto, Carl Reid 1000 Words Photography is a husband and wife photography team that offers images with the power to evoke. They capture images through candid story-telling imagery or classic fashion style portraits from secret engagement proposals, engagement and weddings ceremonies to maternity and family photo sessions.

What inspired you to become a photographer?

We have always been inspired by the impact of images that outline a precious moment in time. We still covet the idea of looking through our family and wedding photo albums to relive those moments often. Naturally, our passion grew as we captured images of our own children which inspired us to take photography classes to strengthen our technique and refine our style further.

How would you characterize your style?

We classify our style as capturing candid journalistic moments in time but we also stage authentic and modern poses as well. The one thing we often ask our clients is what quality (1000 words) defines them and their loved ones. And our common goal is to document those important qualities so their images are unique to their personalities.

Who are your clients and what should they expect?

Our clients are anyone who appreciates the impact of images that capture a moment in time and the emotion it evokes when reviewing their pictures. We love to include our client our photo sessions in a unique way by asking them to name their portraits (1000 words) so be ready to have your descriptive hat on!

Anything else to share?

There is nothing worse than to have a great experience only to wait for the outcome. So as we were project managers in our past lives, we respect and honour the concept of “on time and on budget” and built our processes so that your proof images are delivered within 7 days maximum after your photo session.

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  1. Very cool guys. Your guys are an inspiration and proof that hard work and dedication pays off. The moments you captured at our wedding are some of my favourite pictures to look back on. I also love and cherish the album of pregnancy photos Nicole put together.
    Congrats guys.