Child Modeling: Picking an Agency

Think that your child’s cute face should be displayed for all to see on Gerber jars or packages of Pampers diapers?  Well, you’re probably not alone.  Most parents think that their child is the most beautiful baby in the world; and my husband and I were no different.  If you’re looking to get your child into modeling / acting, here’s some information on the process based on our experience.

There are three main children modeling agencies in Toronto including Minor details, Kamera Kids (part of Sutherland Models), and Carolyn’s Model & Talent Agency.  To sign up with Minor Details (, if your child is under the age of 3, you need to pay $50 each year and send any picture of your child that you want to be featured on their website (doesn’t need to be professional).  For older kids, the annual registration fee is $100 and the agency takes their own pictures of your child at no charge. Minor Details will pretty much accept all children who are interested in signing up with them.

To sign-up with Kamera Kids (, you need to pay and annual fee of $195 for newborns to 18 month olds (they don’t accept kids ages two to three).  For kids three years and over, a professional photo shoot along with comp cards are required and there’s an annual fee of $350.  Lastly, all children who are over the age of six have to attend a weekend workshop that costs $425.  Kamera Kids is more selective about what babies and children they will work with so if this agency interests you but you don’t get accepted, don’t get discouraged.  They want to mainatin a small number of kids who are the same age and look alike.  On the same token, they frown upon parents who are not able to make all of the shoots while with Minor Details, they understand that you won’t always be able to go.

With Carolyn’s Model & Talent Agency ( when you sign up your baby / toddler, you need to pay a $300 registration fee that’s good for three years.  For older kids, you will need to get professional pictures taken.  If you use their photographer, the cost is approximately $600.

Agency commission

Of course, the agency that you choose needs to make a living as well (on top of the annual fee you pay them).  On average, each agency will take anywhere between 15% to 20% of what your child makes per job.


Personally, we’re not in this for the money.  We do this because it’s fun!  Therefore, I picked Minor Details.  Although we may not have received as many jobs (my son did receive around ten calls in his first year) or high-paying ones (most of his jobs were for catalogue shoots), we didn’t have to invest too much money and we didn’t feel pressured or guilty if we weren’t able to make it out to a job.  If your child wants to do this more seriously, you may want to consider joining Kamera Kids.

  1. Thanks for that very informative post, very much appreciated. My baby boy was not chosen by Kamera Kids :(.
    Now I am not sure which one to go to between Carolyn’s kids and Minor details. Is there a reason in particular that made you choose Minor details? And yes, I agree with Julie, part 2 would be sweet 🙂

    1. Thank you for your comments, we’re working on a followup story and Minor Details was chosen for their reputation for being professional and working well with young children. Stay tuned for a followup story soon. 🙂

  2. to lucie, i would also recomend rockyz kids im 13 years old and i went there a couple years ago, you dont have to pay anything to enter and its a very good agency

    1. I have heard other people saying that too. I was wondering why would they need 2 months (from the 12 months contract) to complete a redistration process only.

    2. Actually, you are wrong. My daughter has been with Carolyns for seven years and has made well over forty thousand dollars. Perhaps you should be careful of how you speak about people when it comes to how they make their living.

    3. That’s ridiculous. See my comment above. Unfortunately, a lot of people sign their kids up thinking that they are going to be stars and when they don’t they blame the agency. Nobody ever knows for sure what clients/casting agents are looking for.

    1. That’s ridiculous. Nobody is going to pursue your kid, there are plenty of cute and talented kids out there. True, you should not be shelling out thousands of dollars but some fees are reasonable. Nobody works for free!

  3. Not sure if a Part 2 is still forthcoming but I thought I would let readers know that there may have been some changes to the information contained in part 1, namely that Minor Details, like Kamera Kids, will not necessarily accept your child (the article states that Minor Details will pretty much take any kid). I filled out the registration form for Minor Details and sent pics of my 10 month old after having been turned down by Kamera Kids and we were also turned down 🙁

  4. I’m sorry to say that Part 2 isn’t coming. We’ve had some changes at Toronto Mom Now since this article was published, and we’re no longer in contact with the author. Our apologies for promising and not delivering.

    However, I would like to thank everyone for sharing their experiences. This is really useful information.

  5. Hello, saw your post re: Carolyn’s Kids, your information is incorrect, photos depending on the photographer are 299.00 not 600.00, No photo shoots are 600.00. Nice site!

  6. I wonder how long does it usually take for agency to get back to you? I read Kamera Kids says they will contact you within 14 days. Do they still reply even if they’re not interested?

  7. I contacted Minor Details and they turned down both my boys. They said that they were very cute but had too many boys that looked like them already ( mixed race ). I was also told to try again in a few months, which made no sense too me at all , as i don’t know what would change in a few months. When I contacted the agency they told me that they do NOT turn down any children with special needs, but again my son was turned down. When I questioned them about this, they responded by saying that they didn’t know how was special needs ( even though I wrote it in his application!) I guess I will be looking into other agencies.

  8. I have an appointment to go in and see Caroline’s kids next week so I will keep everyone posted on how it goes.

  9. My daughter joined Kamera Kids at 8mths old she has since then gone at least one client shoot per month sometimes more as well as a two commercial auditions. Other than we don’t know what type of child/ look a client wants it’s important to keep your kids information updated. The agent did say that during the info session that most parents get accepted but then parents fail to do the updates and when their kids aren’t called for work they blame the agency. We did it for fun and it has worked well since my daughter has made back the fee and then some in less than a year. I am happy with Kamera Kids and as long as my daughter has fun doing we’ll continue to keep her there.

    Side note: I did attempt to go to Caroline’s with my first daughter and to be honest they were very rude as we showed as per the time and instructions on their site and they said that they were full for her age group but had just updated the info that day so we wasted our time and on top of that the receptionist was not pleasant in the least anyhow I would not consider going there nor would i recommend them to other parents….(just my two cents)!

  10. My daughter started with Kamera Kids when she was 5mos. old. They accepted her and one other child out of an open call of around 40 kids. I was encouraged by this and happliy paid my fee which at the time was $153 for the year. They didn’t ask for any pro photos or offer me packages. They were always very nice, but a little slow to return information, but understandable at a busy place. She didn’t get very much work though, and after she turned two, she was removed from the roster and asked to return when she truned 3. Again, understandable as with thier (and many clients policy) of not hiring unpredictable 2 yr olds.

    When my daughter truned 3, I decided to try Minor Details and she has been there since. The fees are much more resonable for the # of jobs my child is offered. She does catalog shoots about 5-6 times a year and has been called for jobs from the Target Canada launch to an SOC horror film. They are very quick in responding to questions or concerns and offer quality jobs. They did offer us a pro photo shoot, and it was a very reasonable $70 and the photos are gorgeous!

    I think there are benefits to either place. The courses Kamera Kids offers are no different that paying for dance lessons, or gymnatics, only with this, you can make some money back! Minor Details has a lot of the same clients and has a slightly more parent-friendly approach.

    One word of advice to parents getting into this with babies. With under 2’s they will always book two kids just to make sure they can get a shot. ALWAYS try to be at least 15 mins early for your call time, because they usually (or at least in my expierience) end up going with the child that arrives first. Sometimes it is a long drive and a good chunk of your day for 5 mins of time (and no photo for the portfolio)

    There can be a lot of waiting and the locations can be anywhere in the GTA with little more than a days notice, sometimes only hours, so keep that in mind and the call times are usually during work and school hours.

    Good luck!

  11. Ladies and or Gentlemen,

    We all want the best for our children. They are all beautiful no matter what anyone else has to say!
    Remember, modelling is a business. Acting is a business. There is no formula to success. Sometimes it feels like you are playing the lottery. It doesn’t matter. You take a chance and hope for the best.
    Select an agent. Trust your agent and trust in their abilities. Continue to enjoy your life with your family.

    Love your children.

  12. My two kids have been accepted at Kamera Kuds and were deciding if they should go! How do you weigh the positives and negatives?