Circus Books and Music: A Treasure Trove of Toronto Used Kids Books

One of the advantages of living in a city like Toronto is the large number of small independent stores. Being a big supporter of local business and an avid reader, I recently paid a visit to Circus Books and Music on the Danforth. This small used book and music store stocks an impressive selection of literary and musical heavy hitters.

About the Store

Circus Books and Music exterior, used kids' books

Circus Books and Music set up shop in the Danforth and Jones area in 2008 and has been doing a steady business ever since. Circus is not your average used book and music store. It doesn’t focus on the popular or mainstream. You won’t find mysteries, romances, or thrillers on the shelves; instead you will find a nice selection of books with substance. The fiction section includes a diverse range of authors, while the non-fiction section has books on everything from cooking and music to art and the economy. There is a bright and cheery children’s book area to entertain the kids, and Circus Books and Music also sells CDs, DVDs and vinyl.

Danforth Bookstore: Used kids' books

About the Owner

Ron Duffy, previously a drummer for the local indie-rock band Change of Heart, which received moderate success in the mid-1990s, started Circus Books and Music in 2006 and moved to the Danforth area in 2008. His passion for music, reading and the neighbourhood is evident in the sense of community he has created at Circus Books and Music. Advertisements for local art shows and community events are displayed prominently on a bulletin board designed for this purpose. The store also has a devoted following of regular customers, who seem to know each other and the staff by name. The decor is sparse but comfortable, and clientele are encouraged to spend as much time browsing and chatting as they like without any pressure to purchase. Prices are reasonable and the merchandise is in very useable condition. In a world filled with electronic book readers and instant online information, there is something splendid about the sight, feel and smell of  an actual book. Head to Circus Books and Music and enjoy some time hunting down the perfect read. Circus Books and Music is a Danforth Bookstore that is definitely worth a visit. A great place to find a large selection of Toronto used books.

New Coffee Shop Location

Experiencing such success at Danforth and Jones, Duffy has decided to try a new venture a little farther east on the Danforth, with the opening of Circus Coffee House on Woodmount Avenue. Circus Coffee House offers espresso, coffee, teas and smoothies, as well as rice and soup bowls for lunch. This area of the Danforth is in the process of gentrifying and Circus Coffee House is a welcome addition to the neighbourhood. Duffy is creating the same comfortable community vibe with his coffee as he has with his books and music. The addition of soups and snacks, inspired by old cook books from Circus Books and Music, is a natural spin-off. Circus is synonymous with community in the Danforth area and residents are lucky to have these two local hot spots.

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866 Danforth Avenue, Toronto,  (416) 925-6116


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