Closet Organization Basics with Kathleen’s Closet

Toronto Mom Now is always on the lookout for the most efficient ways to save time and money and in our search for time saving strategies we sat down with Kathleen Kohut, one of Toronto’s stylists on the rise and owner of Kathleen’s Closet, to discuss cleaning up, clearing out and feeling fabulous on any budget.

Kat shares how to restore Zen to your wardrobe and will motivate you to clean out the closets while finding a greater sense of ‘fabulousness’ and donating your old clothes to local charities and women’s shelters.

With over 10 years of industry experience, Kat launched Kathleen’s Closet in 2008 to support local women who needed wardrobe help, whether to get back into the work force after a maternity leave or for women on a budget who just feel stuck in the closet blah’s’.

 Top Wardrobe Must Haves

  •  A-line skirt
  • A great fitting pair of jeans that you can wear casually or dress up for date night.
  • Basic black pants
  • A tank top that you can wear casually or pair with a cardigan or blazer for a more polished look.
  • White dress shirt

Launching Kathleen’s Closet has allowed Kathleen to fulfill a life long dream of helping other women achieve wardrobe success, when asked why fashion is so important to her she describes:

“Our clothes are our second skin, part of who we are as women. I also want to help Toronto women see that building a great wardrobe takes time and effort but you can put it together bit by bit and it can be done.”

In addition to offering wardrobe consultation services, Kathleen hosts clothing swaps and donates unworn items from clients’ closets to local women’s shelters. She is currently planning “The Biggest Closet Clean Out Ever” which will include a large mom & baby swap section, the details will be announced soon on her website.

Top Trend Tip

“Jewelry is a great way to try trend without having to commit to clothing. For example, a bib necklace can make an outfit look bold and completely different.”

Kat describes what makes Kathleen’s Closet different, “I want to know who you are, what you feel about the cut and color of your clothing. How does it work in your everyday life? What is your reality in terms of your budget? I want women to still be themselves, but more organized, refined and ready to take on what they need to in their life.”

If you’re a busy Toronto Mom looking for an affordable way to revamp your wardrobe and get a helping hand adding more organization to your life, try out Kathleen’s Closet’s services catered to moms, “Mom’s to Be”, “New Moms” and “Refresher Moms”.

By: Melissa Bessey

Melissa Bessey

Toronto Mom Now City Manager Melissa Bessey is an entertainment journalist, publicist and an active urban mother of three. She is an accomplished professional visual artist and graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design. Her areas of expertise include arts and culture, education and parenting. Melissa's writing, editing and photography have appeared in BlogTO, The National Post, Women`s Post, 24hrs, Exclaim, Sway Magazine and more.

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