Events in Toronto: Coming Up Roses at Canada Blooms Gardening Show

Spring has sprung in Toronto, so why not get your green thumb ready with a trip to Canada Blooms, the largest flower and gardening show in the country.

You may be an avid gardener; you may simply enjoy the sweet smell of flowers. Or, you may be in need of some renovations to your patio or gardens. Whatever your needs, you can probably find it here.

It’s easy to make it a great day out with family or friends, even if you don’t have a vast knowledge or a keen interest in gardening. There’s a lot going on to capture everyone’s attention!

The Juno Rocks Gardens

As a tribute to 40 years of JUNO awards, several JUNO-nominated artists teamed up with CARAS (Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences) and Landscape Artists and created a J UNO Rocks Garden. Each garden reflects what rhythm and music means to that artist.

Check out opera singer Ben Heppner’s garden scene from the opera Parsital, while singer Carolyn Dawn Johnson has based her garden on the song “Teach Me” from her new album Love Rules. Inspired by lyrics to her song “Running,” Jully Black’s garden is interactive, allowing viewers to visit her blog and engage her on Twitter. With help from jazz musician Oscar Peterson’s wife and daughter-in-law, a garden was created that captures Oscar’s love of photography and music. And finally don’t miss singer Sarah Harmer’s garden, which is inspired by her love of nature and her feelings toward nature preservation.

Stop at the Marketplace

What’s a day out without a bit of shopping? Check out the marketplace full of vendors for all of your gardening and outdoor needs. Vendors will be showing their wares and services that range from outdoor garden ponds, green gardening products to garden rocks, sod, landscaping, plants and flower seeds. And, of course, don’t forget to come away with some fresh flowers or plants to brighten up your home!

Learn Something New

If you’ve ever had the urge to learn a bit more about gardening, now’s your chance! The trade show is full of lectures and workshops. On March 23 pick up some tips on how to take great garden or floral shots. On March 24 learn the art of Thai fruit and vegetable carving taught by Wadee Deethongkham, who carved a flower from a vegetable using a real flower as the pattern. Also on March 24, learn the language of flowers and how best to arrange a bouquet. Don’t forget to check out the other lectures and workshops still available. These come at an extra cost on top of admission.

Let Your Legs, and Mind Wander

Sometimes the best plan is no plan at all. Feel free to wander, check out the exhibits, the feature gardens and see some spectacular bouquets, stop and rest at Twinings Tea Tasting or check out the offerings at the marketplace. Explore the possibilities of what you could do this spring and summer to cultivate your green thumb!

Canada Blooms takes place at the Direct Energy Centre and is on until Sunday, March 25. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy of Ian Service, Landscape Ontario.

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