Favourite Things: Andrea Tsanos of Stonefox Jewelry

Andrea Tsanos leads a double-life. You see, she has been a clinician at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) for the past 18 years and is the owner of Stonefox Jewelry Originals, a jewelry boutique on Avenue Road that is a treasure trove of her beautiful, one-of-a-kind jewelry designs with semi-precious stones. While her two career loves are an equal passion, being Mom to 4-year-old Noah is her greatest joy! We caught up with Andrea recently to chat about some of her favourite things for herself, her business and her family.

What’s your favourite thing for your son?

We’ve only gone once so far, but a trip to the LEGO Store at Sherway Gardens was a complete thrill for Noah. There’s very little that trumps the excitement of LEGO at age 4 3/4, and working on a new toy with Dad is Noah’s version of pure bliss! Right now, Noah’s crazy for all things Star Wars!

What’s your favourite thing for you?

A facial by Amanda at Gee Beauty: it’s an indulgence, I know, but the way it restores and rejuvenates, not just my skin but my soul, makes it totally worth it!

What’s your favourite thing for work?

My vision boards: every now and then I create a visual representation of my goals for my jewelry business. I read a fantastically insightful book for entrepreneurs, The Answer by John Assaraf and Murray Smith, that addresses the power of the unconscious in achieving business growth. Articulating our goals and aspirations in a visual way actually helps them to manifest and come to fruition! It’s worked for me (and countless others). Plus — they’re also fun and inspiring to make!

What’s your favourite neighbourhood in Toronto?

The Beaches: it always feels like sort of a mini vacation-in-the-city when our family heads down to the Beaches on a warm-weathered Sunday. Our son Noah loves the water, the awesome adventure park, and it’s three cheers from all for ice cream, of course!

What’s your favourite gift Idea?

At the risk of seeming self-promoting, I often give Stonefox jewelry as a gift to those I think will appreciate it. With designs ranging from dainty to chunky, to long or layered (and in a variety of price points), I’m never hard-pressed to find the perfect piece, be it for an adult, or even a little darling with our Stonefox Girl line. I like the idea of giving a gift that’s been hand-made and has an artisanal quality to it, which I find people are increasingly appreciative of these days. It’s more original and has more of a sentimentality to it. Plus the fact that the various gemstones have a unique energy and meaning associated with them makes this kind of gift-giving have a more thoughtful, personal touch. Now if I could only get started on a line for Stonefox Man I’d have them covered too!

photo by Francis Crescia

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