Hair By Noush

By: Erica Ashmore

Are you in a hairstyle rut? Do you have the typical mom do? You know the do.
The infamous pony mom-tail. Well mine is always up and when I look around the
playground and at my sons school I see I am not alone. As a mom on the go, tying
my hair back is a quick do and it’s pretty good at hiding a day late wash.
Feeling tired of my look and wanting something new for Fall I received a fantastic
opportunity to meet up with Toronto hairstylist, Noush.

Located in trendy Yorkville I made my way to the salon she works out of called
Farshad Hair Studio. Noush greets me with a great big genuine smile. She takes my things, hangs them up and seats me in the chair.

I look at my reflection in the mirror and wonder where did my great hair go? I need to
break free from the updo! After Noush brings me coffee that she has kindly offered
we start talking hair. She listens very closely to my issues of fine hair, my high
forehead and offers suggestions and knows what looks would suit my face’s frame
and how to cut my fine hair. I say go for it! Do as you like.

I take in the great shampoo and scalp massage and am ready for the cutting to begin!
We have pleasant chit chat where I learn how focused she is in her expertise & career.
Noush is known for her colour and shade matching and flawless cuts. I was thinking
of doing colour but as we were talking I shared that we are trying to have baby #2 and
Noush shared her concerns with me regarding colour and I agree. It’ll be too much
maintenance. It was nice to know no pushy upgrades were recommended, as she is
completely honest and truly wants the best for you and your hairstyle.

Another great thing I should mention is it is a kid friendly salon so you can bring your
kidlets with you for your new do by Noush. 45 minutes later I have a fresh new look and agree, her cuts are flawless. I have a new style and bangs! I hope you’ll check out Noush at Farshad Hair Studio.

Farshad Hair Studio

50 Cumberland St


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  1. WOW! That looks awesome! They really did a great job 🙂 Noush sounds like an awesome salon and I like that they take the time to listen to your specific hair needs and address them. Thanks for sharing 🙂