Toronto Fashion: Hosiery Boutique Goes Out On A Limb

With a name like Out On a Limb it’s easy to mistake this shop for a simple hosiery boutique. But it’s anything but simple and not, in fact, exclusively a hosiery boutique. As you step inside, you’ll notice the racks of merchandise, organized with great care, run the gamut of women’s fashions, from denims to sleepwear to jewellery and, of course, socks and hosiery.

Item-Driven Boutique

Out On a Limb, Toronto Fashion

Opening Out On a Limb was the fulfillment of a dream for Owner Ellen Somer, who grew up helping out at her father’s department store on weekends. When she opened her own shop in 1994, her goal was to create the type of boutique she would want to shop in. That is, a place where you can browse at ease with no pressure from salespeople, where you can feel free to shop with a stroller or even a dog on a leash. Opened as a hosiery and sock boutique, it’s grown to become an item-driven shop featuring everything from jewellery and handbags to denim, pyjamas and boots, in addition to the astounding sock and hosiery walls.

Out On a Limb, hosiery

Items For All Ages, Sizes, Price Points

The merchandise at Out On a Limb covers a huge range of price points, even within a single rack. You might, for example, be looking at a beautiful scarf priced at $120 but then right next to it could be another scarf, just as stunning, priced at $15. So you have to allow yourself to browse and touch. And the staff are happy to let you do so. But you might find it more effective to let the staff in on what you’re looking for so they can steer you in the right direction.

You’ll notice when you’re at Out On a Limb that the staff range in ages from the twenties to the fifties, and represent women of all sizes. This is also what you’ll find in the merchandise. There are fashions to suit all ages, as well as sizes from extra small to extra large.

Something you might not notice from street level is the clearance floor, located just upstairs from the boutique’s main floor. The clearance floor includes clothing, accessories and footwear and is organized by price point. Let one of the sales women know you’d like to have a peek and she’ll let you up.

Out On a Limb, Toronto fashion, accessories

Spring Forecast

What’s hot this spring? Ellen tells me she is really looking forward to the arrival of new enamel jewellery for the season. Coloured denim will continue to be huge. And as of the moment I wrote this post, she was expecting the new ballet flats from Toms any minute.

Out On a Limb is the type of place you’ll want to stop into often, as there are always new arrivals and the staff are more than happy to help you find just what you’re looking for.

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1755 Avenue Road, Toronto, 416-785-5592


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