Natural & Organic baby food: Your Baby Will Love Baby Gourmet

When entrepreneur extrodinaire Jennifer Broe became a first time mom she realized very quickly that most baby food on the market was less than appealing and she didn’t want to feed her new baby anything she wouldn’t eat herself.

What Jennifer longed for were healthy options that smelled and tasted like real food, that her daughter would enjoy. Growing up in a home where healthy meals were made from scratch the thought of making her own food quickly became a reality.

With the help of her sister Jill Vos, Jennifer began using family loved recipes to make scrumptious baby food that is healthy, organic and kosher and Baby Gourmet was born.

Today Baby Gourmet products can be found at major grocery retailers and natural food stores throughout Canada, including Loblaws and Wal-Mart and they are about to launch in the US.

Baby Gourmet food is conveniently packaged, similarly to a squeezable juice box to make it easy to get onto a spoon to feed younger babies and equally convenient for young toddlers and older children to feed themselves. Essentially their products are purees that are so nutritious they’re like drinking a healthy meal with very little fuss or mess.

Jennifer’s family tested recipes taste so good that even grown ups love them and she has a following of top athletes who swear by Baby Gourmet products when in training.

Baby Gourmet

Toronto Mom Now caught up with Jennifer and her team at Lil Bean n’ Green where children and moms got to try all of their products and I can tell you from firsthand taste testing that Baby Gourmet’s food is worth writing home about.

To find stores near you that sell Baby Gourmet you can check their website:

Photos by Melissa Bessey

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