Toronto Fashion: One of a Kind Canadian Designs at Coal Miner’s Daughter

Tucked away in the heart of Mirvish Village is Coal Miner’s Daughter, an eclectic and beautiful boutique filled with one of a kind Canadian designs. Owners Janine Cockburn-Haller and Krysten Caddy have either designed and created everything themselves or bought it on consignment from fabulous Canadian designers such as Pink Martini, Jools and La Raffiniere.

Homegrown Designs

Toronto Fashion, Coal Miner's Daughter

Photo Courtesy of Coal Miner’s Daughter

Janine is the clothing designer, and her newest line, Clementine & Tweed is both feminine and easy to wear. Krysten designs some of the stunning and delicate jewellery, mostly made from sterling silver and pretty gemstones. One of her most interesting pieces are vintage key necklaces. You can also see the designs of other Canadian jewellers, such as the small antique music boxes dangling on gold chains and sexy choker-length necklaces.

A coal miner’s daughter inspires many images. It brings to mind an organic process, from rough plan to stunning finished product. It means hard work and dedication. For Janine and Krysten, Coal Miner’s Daughter embodies everything they design, source and sell. Handmade and local,  every piece of their jewellery and clothing is well thought-out and made with love.

Handcrafted and Original

Toronto Fashion, Coal Miner's Daughter

Though they are planning an expansion, Coal Miner’s Daughter is currently located on the lower level at 587 Markham Street in a powder blue brick building that feels as vintage and well-cared for as the lovely things you’ll find inside. My eyes were immediately drawn to the vintage shoes and purses in pristine condition. You’ll long to slip them on and show yourself off.

Not just cookie cutter copies of the latest designs, the clothes at Coal Miner’s Daughter are the real thing. Every beautiful piece in the shop is one of a kind and each dress, blouse, pair of pants or scarf has its own unique features. But the prices are reasonable for such beautifully made clothes that you will cherish and wear for a long time.

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587 Markham Street, Toronto, Ontario