The Belle Method Finds Harmony Combining Bootcamp and Yoga

The Belle Method is the creation of Pilates Instructor and professional Dancer Nikki Bergen. Belle is Fitness Philosophy designed for women that combines the core technique of Pilates, the intensity of bootcamp and the zen of yoga. Belle is about feeling strong and beautiful inside and out and we’re sure Toronto moms will love Nikki’s holistic and effective programs.

 Belle Method Philosophies

Being true to yourself: It’s about self-care, carving out time for yourself and being honest about your needs. Sometimes you have to come first!

Elevating your awareness: What’s working and what’s not working in your body and in your life. It’s about being mindful and deciding to take action.

Learning to get results: We teach you how to reach your goals. Classes focus on toning, strengthening and tightening target areas for a highly effective workout.

Living the challenge: It’s about creating your reality. With the right tools and support, you can accomplish anything.

Evolving your life: Need we say more?

Nikki’s philosophies on training women safely and effectively sound fabulous but we wanted to know where she got her inspiration, she describes her passion behind The Belle Method:

Women have so many roles to fill today; mother, boss, wife, entrepreneur, sister, friend – the list goes on. Time is precious and “me-time” even more so. While teaching Pilates full time for 5 years I noticed a trend that many women students were feeling pressure to “do more” in each session. They’d have exactly one precious hour ( sometimes less) to get in their workout and wanted to get results quickly. Pilates is a technical discipline that takes a a great deal of time, focus and practice to “get”. As their teacher I sensed a collective frustration among students who wanted to feel the burn and worried that a traditional 60 minute Pilates class wasn’t enough for their fitness goals; namely post-baby weight loss.

I realized a need to blend aspects of intense “bootcamp” style fitness, yoga stretching and the technique of Pilates to ensure women were getting fast results, but safely. We needed a tough class that would tone, strengthen and blast fat while modifying for post-baby pelvic floors, hip imbalances, diastastis and more.  Enter The Belle Method, a Pilates-inspired fitness philosophy for designed specifically for women.”

Nikki understands that making time for personal workouts can be a huge feat for moms, so The Belle Method was created to make life easier and to help women feel strong and beautiful inside and out.

Belle Method Programs

The Belle Method has 3 exercise divisions: The Belle Method for general Pilates-inspired fitness, The Bump Method for pre and post natal classes and The Pink Method for breast cancer recovery.

In addition to various group fitness classes across the GTA (Bloor West Village, Roncesvalles, Rosedale and Oakville), Belle offers private training, health coaching and certification for fitness professionals.

New: Nikki has just launched a new parallel mom and kids program to help solve child care issues. You can now do a Core Fusion class while your 3-5 year old learns to ride their bike indoors with Cycle Monkeys! Children will build confidence on their bikes through fun and engaging cycling games that increase coordination and control. Meanwhile, Moms will get an amazing workout. Same time, different rooms. Swansea Town Hall, 95 Lavinia Ave. 12 weeks, $199 per program. Tuesdays 9:15 am – 10:15 am and Thursdays 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm.

The Belle Method believes strongly in building women’s confidence. At Nikki’s recent launch party she hosted a “suit drive” for New Circles, a free clothing bank that offers interview clothing, prom dresses and confidence to low income women in Toronto.

Visit The Belle Method’s website to find a class near you and let us know how much you love the new mom and kids parallel classes.

Photos by Anson Le Photography

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  1. I never thought Pilates can be used in many ways other than just plain exercise. Now I know that can be used even for pregnant women but of course with varying intensity. Mother’s face difficult tasks and play tough responsibilities the most so this is a good way for them to focus and gain balance from the burdens they carry. Good thing that pilates was created as it can cater to many people’s needs.