Kids Portraits: Tips on How to Photograph Your Kiddo Like a Pro

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One of my most challenging tasks as a family photographer is making sure I win over the youngest members of a family. For me, a child who feels free to be herself is the key to a successful family photo session. Here are a few tried and tested tips for taking the best pictures and on how to make the most memorable images of your little ones:

1. Show them their photos

One sure-fire method to breaking the ice with kids at the start of a photo session has been to take a few quick images of the kid and then show her the images straight from the camera. Most kids will brighten up as soon as they see themselves. Then, depending on their age, I let them take a couple of pictures of me. It makes them feel like they’re fully participating in the picture-making, and as a result they become more cooperative and engaged. I found this method especially useful with shy or reluctant little subjects and well as over-eager kids who think you expect them to smile for every shot.

2. Forget about taking the perfect picture

This tip may seem like a “last resort” but I believe it’s the best frame of mind to have when photographing your kids. The best images of kids are often the ones of them immersed in whatever activity they’re engaged in like playing with their toys, reading a book, or feeding their goldfish. They may not be looking right into the camera but you’ll be preserving a special moment in your child’s life that you’ll no doubt treasure years to come.

3. Embrace the chaos

Otherwise known as documentary photography! This is where you’re determined to get some good photos of your kids but things aren’t quite working out as you imagined. Your kid might be bouncing off the walls and your house may look like a tornado went through it but don’t let that deter you. Simply embrace what comes your way and start shooting. Photographing kids is all about keeping it real so don’t discount the amazing images you can capture when your kids are just being themselves.

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  1. Thanks, Diana. Tips 2 and 3 are so liberating. They really make you approach photographing your family – your life, even – in a whole different way.