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Are the winter blahs bringing you down? Take a tired mom; add a cozy chair; a dash of feisty girl talk; an abundance of sassy nail colours; throw in a variety of spa treatments and voilà: a recipe for winter rejuvenation. And no one in the East End cooks up winter spa fun better than Tips Nail Bar & Spa. I recently visited Tips for a little pick-me-up in the form of a pedicure and was not disappointed.

Manicures and More

Walking into Tips feels more like walking into a friend’s apartment than a typical spa. The ultra casual, ultra friendly atmosphere is apparent in everything from the peaceful decor to the comfortable furniture and the cheerful, professional and knowledgeable staff. Tips offers a range of spa services including manicures, pedicures, hair removal, massage, paraffin wax treatments, facials and full body exfoliation. Prices range from $18.00 for a speedy manicure, all the way up to $150 for microdermabrasion. I opted for a pedicure to add a little sparkle to my tired tootsies, and I was thoroughly impressed with the cleanliness, efficiency and quality of the whole process.

Spas in Toronto Pedicure Chairs, Tips Nail Bar & Spa

Shellac and Never Go Back

My friendly technician suggested a Shellac treatment for my nails so that I wouldn’t have to wait for them to dry before putting on my socks and boots. I had never heard of Shellac before, but since wearing my flip flops home in the -2 degree Celsius weather was not an option, I was excited to try out this new treatment. Shellac is an ultra-violet gel polish that is layered onto nails in liquid form, like a regular polish. After each layer is applied, nails are set under an ultra-violet light, which fuses the colour to the nails and allows the polish to stay put for up to fourteen days, without chipping or cracking. Shellac polish needs to be removed at a nail salon, but does not damage nails in the same way an acrylic application might. Shellac also has the added bonus of drying very quickly, which makes winter pedicures more appealing. After experiencing my Shellac treatment, I am truly a believer. I will never go back to regular manicures and pedicures. 

Mom and Business Woman Extraordinaire

Tips Nail Bar & Spa is the brain child of mom and business woman extraordinaire Leanne Colley. Leanne has over twelve years experience in the beauty industry and opened Tips approximately six years ago. Prior to owning her own salon, Leanne worked at home while taking care of her young son. She built up a strong client base with her home business and eventually began working in regular spas. A desire for a quieter, more relaxing atmosphere led Leanne to establish Tips as a comfortable place for her customers to relax, chat and laugh while having beauty treatments. Her commitment to customer satisfaction has even inspired her to create her own line of scrumptious beauty products called Bodytini. These luxurious products are used at Tips and are available for purchase at the spa.

When the winter blahs are dragging me down, nothing lifts my spirits like a visit to a top Toronto Nail Salon, and Tips Nail Bar & Spa is unparalleled anywhere in the East End.

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844a Danforth Avenue, Toronto, (416) 405-8477