Toronto Baby Store: Baby on the Hip in Leslieville

Hallelujah for Baby on the Hip, a Toronto baby store with products designed for urban parents. Forget over-sized high chairs, pimped out strollers and other super-sized baby stuff; head to Baby on the Hip in Leslieville for sleek, sophisticated baby gear designed for the compact urban spaces common to Toronto.

 The Urban Perspective

Toronto Baby Store, Baby on the Hip

Once I found out I was pregnant, I immediately began collecting, receiving and inheriting baby gear, which was great, but I soon found out just how much space baby accessories require — and it’s A LOT!  It seemed that nothing was designed to fit in my small urban space. Before long, giant, plastic, unattractive baby furniture seemed to take over my whole house. If only I had known about Baby on the Hip, a Leslieville gem that offers unique products designed with urban parents in mind. Take, for example, Phil and Ted’s clip on high chairs. These little chairs will clip perfectly on any table or counter and take up a fraction of the space required by a traditional chair. They are designed to hold little ones up to 33 pounds and fold up for easy portability. Traditional high chairs are also available and come in a range of sophisticated, modern designs and sizes that would fit nicely in most urban homes. Many of the chairs are also made with natural wood, which may be a more attractive option than a regular plastic model. A number of other unique baby products are also available at the store, including strollers, carriers, diaper bags and anything you could possibly need for your wee one.

 A Green and Clean Toronto Baby Store

Toronto baby store, Baby on the Hip, organic bath products

Baby on the Hip is committed to green practices. This means that they offer eco-conscious baby products and strive to make sure all their merchandise is non-toxic and created sustainably. They also offer a number of organic products, like clothing, bath lotions and scrubs. If you’re committed to cloth diapering, you can also find everything you need to cover your baby’s bottom. And for a little baby entertainment, purchase the cute puppets pictured above. Created by Cate and Levi, these puppets are made from reclaimed materials, like wool sweaters and blankets. Baby on the Hip is Bullfrog powered, uses environmentally friendly paper, plastic and cleaning supplies, ships with re-used materials and is a member of Green Enterprise Toronto.

More than Just Baby Gear

You can find more than just baby gear at Baby on the Hip. They also offer a wide variety of children’s toys, clothing and books, as well as nursing and maternity clothing and accessories. Check out the toy instrument section for some musical fun, or sign up for one of their popular workshops covering cloth diapering basics and infant CPR — details available on their website. If you don’t have time to visit the store, Baby on the Hip products can also be purchased online, and moms-to-be can sign up for a convenient gift-registry service online as well.

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969 Queen Street East, Toronto, 416-465-4141

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  1. The most horrible customer service . I first went to this store April 19th, 2014. I was excited up purchase their safari wall stickers for my baby’s nursery. These stickers were not cheap, the pack I bought cost a total of $49.72. I came home, followed the instruction on the package and put them up on the nursery wall. Within three days the grassy strands started to peel off. When I called the store to notify them they told me it was my wall. Then they said I would have to take each and everyone of those stickers off the wall and bring it in if I wanted any kind of a credit. I am so put off by the lack of concern for customers. My baby is due this Saturday and I’m suppose to now take off all the stickers to get a response and take a chance of potentially damaging the wall? I had suggested that I show pictures of what is happening and bring in the pieces that have peeled off but that was a no go. I will not recommend this store to anyone ever, absolute lack of tact and care for their customers. The lady I spoke to was incredibly rude.