2013 Top 30 Toronto Mom Bloggers: 7-12

In early June we asked you to nominate your favourite Toronto mom blog for our second annual Top 30 Toronto Mom Bloggers contest. You came through, we visited the blogs, and we deliberated over our decisions. It wasn’t easy, but we’ve chosen 30. Now we’re presenting the 2013 Top 30 Toronto Mom Bloggers to you, in no particular order. Today we’re happy to share our second group of six.

Top 30 Toronto Mom Bloggers: 7-12

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Mishi Methven of Stella Joy

top 30 toronto mom bloggers mishi methvenMishi shares, “I started to write in June 2010, when my two year old daughter was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and given three months to live. What started as a simple way to keep family and friends abreast of Stella’s illness, became something much bigger. It became the story of a community that came together to give Stella a lifetime of experiences. It became the story of new beginnings and risk as my partner and I welcomed two sons into our lives. It became the story of how we came to grips with every parent’s worst nightmare. It became the story of choices, laughter, tears, fears, triumphs and courage. But most of all, the blog became the story of how Stella LIVED, even as she was slowly dying. Stella’s story is not a sad story, although there are certainly sad parts to it. It’s really a life story, a love story. On days when we, as mothers, forget why it is we do all we do, I invite you to learn about Stella. A remarkable little girl who continues to teach me how to parent, even eight months after she died in my arms.”

Rebecca Ruddle of Brain-Dead Mom

top 30 toronto mom bloggers rebecca ruddleRebecca writes, “I’m Rebecca and I have been home with my wild and crazy brood of two for almost seven years. I used to be able to talk about all sorts of different things and then I had kids and got really tired. I am sure age has a lot to do with it too but I am sort of feeling like half my brain has fallen out my ear. I also have a horror of being that person that can only talk about my kids. I don’t want to go out for dinner (now that we have a babysitter and actually go out again) and draw a blank, unable to remember what I did last week, nevermind what anyone else in the world might have done. My blog is a compilation of interesting, entertaining and just bizarre nuggets from all over the internet. Some call me a conversation curator, but really, it’s simply about finding something to talk about in public when the fart jokes you’ve learned from your six year-old just don’t cut it anymore.”

Vinma Joseph of A Momless Mom

top 30 toronto mom bloggers vinma josephVinma Joseph is a mom of two littles. She is an Insurance Advisor by profession and is obsessed with her job. Don’t ask why. When she is not advising people on their insurance needs, you’ll find her blogging passionately about her kids and her life, which she lived without a mom for as long as she can remember. Occasionally, at certain moments she gets surprised by seeing the reflection of her own little self in her children. In her blog, A Momless Mom, she chronicles incidents like this – the deja vu she feels when she confronts herself in her children, the abandonment that still tears her soul from the memories of her own long lost mom and the joys of motherhood that very much outweigh the grief of what she never had. On the bright side, A Momless Mom is a gracious hostess for guest bloggers, promoter of awesome giveaways, and an excellent brand advocae. She also takes time to sit down and write about her perspectives on raising children from a cultural standpoint as she was born in India and lived there for the first 26years of her life, and now living in Toronto where her family is settled. Yup, lots of things to talk about, you see? So, if you visit A Momless Mom, which she insists that you do, you will find something you like to read and she would be happy to have you. Of course, there will be coffee!

Meryl Witkin of AfterMom.com

top 30 toronto mom bloggers meryl witkinMeryl Witkin is a Mom to two little girls who started AfterMom.com to speak to moms who find themselves asking, Now What? The blog provides inspiration and advice from experts to motivate women to reconnect with who they are outside of their role as Mom; to pursue their own goals and dreams, and perhaps discover a few new ones along the way! Meryl is passionate about helping women make time for themselves and ensuring they remember to put themselves first, at least sometimes!

Emma Waverman of Embrace the Chaostop 30 toronto mom bloggers emma waverman

Emma Waverman blogs about the good, the bad and the chaotic on MSN.ca’s parenting blog: embracethechaos.ca. Always engaging, opinionated and humorous, Embrace the Chaos isn’t your average mom blog. Emma uses her journalism background to tease out the facts and look deeper at our culture’s obsession with ‘perfection parenting’. Emma is also the co-author of the bestselling >Whining and Dining: Mealtime Survival for Picky Eaters and Families Who Love Them. Emma’s lifestyle writing can be found in Today’s Parent, Canadian Family, Food & Drink and others. Toronto is home base for Emma, her three kids, husband and dog who barks too much. She can be found making typos on Twitter at @emmawaverman and fiddling around at emmawaverman.com.

Stephanie Lareau of Stylebystef

top 30 toronto mom bloggers stephanie lareauStef (formerly known as Stephanie or Step-on-me) lives in the suburbs, is a mother of two kids under the age of two, avoids trends that are just plain strange, and has an addiction to ju jubes (the red and orange ones mainly). Stylebystef published its first post in early 2012 – around the time Stef chose to trade in her shiny black Louboutins for nameless ballet flats and become a stay-at-home mama. Having worked as a fashion buyer for over five years, she aims to share tips and tricks that give readers of all shapes and sizes the tools they need to make shopping and getting dressed a little bit easier – and a lot more stylish. When she’s not at the mercy of her breastfeeding three month old or sorta-kinda-potty-trained two year old, Stef also runs her own personal shopping business and is the creative mind behind Strollinstyle – a small business that hand makes personalized children’s stroller accessories and picnic blankets.

Amber Strocel

Amber Strocel is the Managing Editor of City Mom Now, the parent network of Toronto Mom Now. She is a writer, podcaster, ardent crafter and green mom, who believes strongly in the power of the Internet to connect and empower. You can follow her on her personal blog at Strocel.com.

  1. Wow! That Stella Joy blog is quite a read…started from last year and couldn’t stop reading. Amazing story. Lots of tears…bring your box of kleenex!