Consciously Shopping in Toronto: It’s Time to Cleanse

I’ve never been one to make New Year’s resolutions (for various compelling reasons), but I must admit it’s the perfect time to start anew and detox. Whether we’re talking about cleansing our homes, our bodies, or our beauty rituals, committing to a healthier lifestyle starts with you, Mom! It’s the perfect time to flush out the old, and bring in the new cleaner habits. Detoxing is like a reboot. We all need it, and it will not only lend to a healthier feeling, but will give us extra energy to multitask, as moms need to do!

Clean Your Home

I mean really clean your home. Clear out your cupboards and drawers, and scrub the tables and floors with something truly clean, safe, and effective. You don’t want your children to eat off of a surface that’s been wiped down with a product with a skull and crossbones warning on it, right? Visit Grassroots in Toronto to find all-natural cleaners that are made with non-toxic ingredients that are biodegradable, and healthy for our home, animals, the air we breathe and the water we drink.

Clean from the Inside Out

With too many holidays, birthdays, and meals out, we build up “gunk” in our bodies that can slow us down (both mentally and physically). Cleansing washes out your insides, while improving your overall health, making you feel better from the inside out. Belmonte Raw cleanses you with whole organic living foods and juices to relieve your body of toxins, boost your immunity, trim your waistline, and brighten and clear the appearance of your skin. When you sign up for one of their cleanses, they’ll deliver you a variety of fresh deliciousness daily, directly to your Toronto doorstep before you leave for carpool!

Clean Up Your Do

Nothing says it’s a new year, and a new you, like a new do. But hair salons can be some of the most dangerous places for our health and the planet’s health (think of all of aerosols, toxic chems, and nasty smells!). Lucky for us Torontonians, one of our city’s top salons also happens to be continuously recognized for their cutting edge eco and healthy initiatives. World Salon is a beauty hot spot, whose clients include film and tv celebs and supermodels, and they cut, style, and even colour your hair without it being dangerous. You can also pick up their exclusive, plant-based luxury line of World Products at the salon to keep showing the love to the planet and yourself.

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right. – Oprah Winfrey

Lisa Borden

Our monthly contributor of Consciously Shopping in Toronto, Lisa Borden is an eco-advocate and mother of three, whose business is a direct reflection of her commitment to better, more responsible living. She is a dedicated workaholic, admitting that it takes a lot of time and effort to change the world, especially in her non-preachy, fun, engaging and inspiring ways. Lisa consults, writes, engages the media, runs private workshops, and enjoys speaking to large and small groups. Her full-service marketing firm, Borden Communications + Design Inc. is based in Toronto and takes great pride in being an ethical business providing exceptional ideas. You can sign up for Lisa’s rants and raves or reach her directly at

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