Consciously Shopping Toronto: The Best Pizzas in Town

I love pizza. So do my kids. I bet you do too. Shopping Toronto for the best ingredients isn’t even necessary when you can grow your own at home this season. Learn how to make the best, or where to get served the most authentic pizzas that your whole family will enjoy.

Grow a Pizza GardenShopping Toronto Pizza

It really doesn’t get any better (not to mention exciting and rewarding) than making a pizza with freshly picked ingredients from your family’s organic garden. Young Urban Farmers can help you plan, plant, and grow your very own pizza garden with all of your favourite toppings; oregano, basil, onions, all kinds of tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, and more! My kids love to help Chris whenever he comes to work in our garden, and they love even more to eat the fresh goodies they’ve helped to grow.

Get into Marni Wasserman’s New Cooking Studio

Your little chefs might not know how much they love a veggie pesto pizza until they get to make one with friends. For a delicious activity for the kids this summer, sign them up for a 4 day camp with super fun plant based culinary nutritionist Marni Wasserman, and they’ll learn about cooking with healthy ingredients with their peers. Or you can attend a cooking class with your kids and learn how to swap real, tasty, nutrient dense ingredients into some of their favourite meals.

Pizzeria Libretto

My family loves Pizzeria Libretto– both locations, although Danforth is better since they take reservations (it’s no fun explaining to kids they have to wait an hour for a table!). They make real pizza with local ingredients, cooked in a wood fire oven, the service is consistently incredible, and they accommodate all with smiles. The real treat is that my kids love it as much as my husband and I do.

Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside. -Mark Twain

Lisa Borden

Our monthly contributor of Consciously Shopping in Toronto, Lisa Borden is an eco-advocate and mother of three, whose business is a direct reflection of her commitment to better, more responsible living. She is a dedicated workaholic, admitting that it takes a lot of time and effort to change the world, especially in her non-preachy, fun, engaging and inspiring ways. Lisa consults, writes, engages the media, runs private workshops, and enjoys speaking to large and small groups. Her full-service marketing firm, Borden Communications + Design Inc. is based in Toronto and takes great pride in being an ethical business providing exceptional ideas. You can sign up for Lisa’s rants and raves or reach her directly at

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