Five Reasons to Buy Organic Food

donate naturally organic foodThere’s a lot of debate over whether organic food is better for you than conventionally-raised meats and produce. While some studies have found there is no nutritional benefit to organic food, others have found that certain organic products are higher in nutrients such as vitamin C, zinc, iron and polyphenols.  However, the benefits of buying organic go beyond the health benefits alone. Consider these five reasons to buy organic food.

1. Organic Food Tastes Better

Because it is grown in nutrient-rich soil, organic produce tastes better and is of a higher quality. Ask any professional chef.

2. Organic Farming is Good for the Planet

Organic farming uses sustainable practices that promote healthy soil for the long-term, prevent erosion, keep our water clean and free of chemical pollutants, promote wildlife diversity, and use a lot less energy than conventional farming. With today being Earth Day, there’s no better time to embrace organic food.

3. Lower Your Risk of Cancer

Organic meat and produce are raised without the use of genetically modified organisms and toxins such as synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fungicides; chemical fertilizers; sewage sludge or antibiotics, and are not irradiated.  Washing alone can’t eliminate residue left behind by these harmful chemicals, many of which have been found to be carcinogenic and hormone replicating. By buying organic food you lower your risk of ingesting toxins.

It’s not always possible to buy organic, whether it’s due to availability or economics. When it’s not possible to buy everything organic, keep these two lists from the Environmental Working Group in mind:

[twocol_one]Dirty Dozen (highest in pesticides)
Bell peppers
[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]Clean Fifteen (lowest in pesticides)
Sweet corn
Sweet peas
Sweet Potatoes

4. Organic Animal Products Are More Humane

Animals raised on certified organic farms are fed organic feed free of GMOs and are free from antibiotics and human growth hormones. They tend to be raised free ranging and grazing, and are more likely to be raised without cruelty.

5. Protect the Health of Farmers and Their Families

Farmers exposed to herbicides are at a much higher risk of contracting cancer than non-farmers. When we buy organic food, we support farming practices that are healthier for the people who produce our food and their families.

Do you buy organic food? Why or why not?

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