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There’s nothing more comforting and healing than healthy food. And it’s precisely when you’re recovering from a birth, an illness, surgery, or the loss of a loved one that you need good a healthy meal. These are also the times when you’re least likely to have the time or energy to create them. That’s where MamaLuv comes in. This meal delivery service offers an astounding selection of meals that can be ordered online and delivered right to your door.

More Thoughtful than Flowers

Intended as alternative to sending flowers to your friends and loved ones, MamaLuv offers a number of packages for every situation: get well, new baby, sympathy, for others and for yourself. Packages are broken down into a number of meals for two people for anywhere from one to seven days. There are also long-term packages and extra items can always be added too. As the giver, all you have to do is select the appropriate package for your recipient. Once you’ve placed your order, the recipient will receive an email notifying them of your thoughtful gift and supplying them with a link and a code they’ll need to place their healthy meal order.

Easy as Pie

Ordering with MamaLuv is super-easy. Equipped with the code supplied in the gift email, you can log into the MamaLuv website to select the number of entrees, soups and desserts you’ve been gifted. The selection is pretty impressive. There are two types of soup: Orange Carrot Soup and Lemon Lentil Soup — both gluten free. The entrees are divided into four categories: chicken, beef, fish and vegetarian. And each category includes three different tasty healthy meal choices such as Roasted Tuscan Chicken with Orzo Pasta, Curry Beef and Apple Seasoned Couscous, Salmon Teriyaki with Rice Vermicelli and Chinese Mushrooms, and Seven-Layer Vegetarian Lasagna. And then there are the desserts — four of them. I was impressed that they included dessert, but really, why not? When we ordered our meals, it was particularly helpful to have photos of each menu item and the detailed ingredients. It allowed each member of the family to make their own choices based on their preferences.

healthy meal delivery, MamaLuv, healthy mealsGetting a Healthy Meal on Your Table

Once you order your meals, you’ll have to account for a minimum 48-hour turnaround. The food is prepared locally in the centres served by MamaLuv, which include Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary. They are par-cooked then frozen. Your meals will arrive at your door within a delivery window provided at checkout in a lovely MamaLuv tote bag and packed with some handy ice packs. Reheating instructions are provided for both microwave and conventional ovens, and most items can be heated either from frozen or thawed.

Our family was certainly grateful for this thoughtful gift. It gave us the chance to focus on what was most important to us at a critical time, while also ensuring we were fueled for the tasks ahead. And we enjoyed each tasty and healthy meal we received.

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