Holiday Fashion for Toronto Moms

The holiday season is well and truly here, and along with it many Toronto moms are attending holiday parties. You may have already bought special outfits for your little ones, so they can put their best foot forward all season long. Those adorable little outfits really are hard to resist. We’d like to suggest you don’t stop with your kids, though – you deserve a little holiday fashion pick-me-up, as well. To help you out, today we’re sharing five tips that will keep you sparkling well into the New Year.

Holiday Fashion Tips for Stylish Moms

Looking at the Lights
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A lot of holiday activities will have you heading outside, whether you’re looking at lights in your neighbourhood, picking up your Christmas tree, or enjoying some winter sports. As you head outside, your holiday fashion will take a turn to the practical. Feeling cold isn’t conducive to keeping everything merry and bright. Start with a well-fitting coat to keep you cozy. If you’re feeling adventurous you can look for a bright colour. Or stick with basic black for your jacket and add colour with a slouchy toque and knitted mittens. Finish it off with some warm-but-stylish boots, and you’re ready to walk through a winter wonderland in style.

The Children’s Party

Many Toronto moms attend parties with their kids over the holiday season. Your challenge is to find something that you can move in that still looks good. We suggest long layers on top, and skinny, stretchy pants on the bottom. Add in a great flat boot and a nice bag that can hold it all, and you’re set. When you’re celebrating with kids you can also let your hair down a little, adding a Santa hat or antlers. Little ones will love that you’re getting into the holiday spirit. If you love the rest of your outfit, you’ll look and feel good while you’re doing it.

The Office Party
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Holiday fashion at the office party is going to be more formal and subdued than the children’s party. The key here is to keep it professional, while adding festive touches. We suggest the maxi dress, which is very much on-trend, in black, white or jewel tones. Plus – bonus points – maxi dresses are comfortable and stylish. Dress it up with well-chosen accessories and killer heels. Add a wrap to keep you cozy, and you’ll be ready to celebrate without risking a wardrobe malfunction in front of your boss.

Family Dinner

Holiday fashion for a family dinner will be a little more dressed-down and flexible than for the office party. You can also opt for a dress, skirt or pants, depending on what you feel best in. If you’re going for a dress we suggest just above the knee and sleeveless. There are lots of options to choose from this season, and you’ll be striking the perfect festive note. If you go for pants we suggest slouchy trousers paired with a sleeveless top. If you’re not comfortable baring your arms, sheer sleeves are also big this season, and make for a great holiday fashion compromise. If you’re feeling chilly, you can always add a coordinating cardigan.

Holiday Brunch
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We know, we know – the Christmas sweater has a bad reputation. It’s true there are a lot of ugly ones floating around. When it comes to casual holiday fashion, though, the sweater can’t be beat. Comfortable, cozy and casually dressy, it’s the perfect answer for a holiday brunch. Steer clear of anything obviously holiday-themed, and keep it sleek and fitted. Add a great scarf or a well-chosen necklace, and you’ll pull the look together without looking like you escaped from 1983.

Whatever you’re shopping for, don’t forget to bring along a friend who can tell it like it is. Not only is shopping more fun when you’re with someone else, you can keep each other from committing a serious holiday fashion faux pas. It’s a winning recipe for a sparkling holiday season.

What are your holiday fashion must-haves this year?

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