Mom on the Street: Kara Wood

Mom on the Street – Forest Hill Village, April 19, 2013

Toronto Mom Now talked to Kara Wood in her neighbourhood, Forest Hill Village. It is possible that four year-old Vivian, ten year-old Jackie and twelve year-old, Katrina, have the busiest mom in the ‘hood – when Kara isn’t on the school run, she is busy launching her own social media company, Succinct Social Media. We were thrilled to talk to her for the latest installation of our Mom on the Street series.

Her Neighbourhood

This farm girl from Alberta loves Toronto and all it has to offer. She has been in the city for years but is brand new to the neighbourhood of Forest Hill Village and is still discovering all it has to offer. The Village’s main business area is located on a short stretch of Spadina Road, just north of St. Clair Avenue and is surrounded by the larger community of Forest Hill itself.

“My girls and I love the leafy, tree-lined streets and the park-like setting that is Forest Hill. My older girls are quickly becoming social creatures, who like to venture out without mom for an hour here or there, so I love Forest Hill Village for that. It’s a cute little area, that has the quintessential Starbucks and bookstore and I feel comfortable letting my girls have a bit of independence in the Village. We are five minutes from the centre, they walk there, get a hot chocolate and walk home – it’s almost like living in a small town!”

Her Favourite Activities with the Girls

“If there is one thing that we share a passion for, it is reading – you can often find us at Type Books, one of the surviving, small, Toronto bookstores, located in the heart of Forest Hill Village.  It is a treat to stop in there and browse all the latest releases of children’s books and all the great cookbooks! We could spend hours in there.”

“For food, we love Pizza Banfi for take-out.  It is a little local Italian restaurant that is always packed, but you can get two amazing take-out pastas that will feed a family of five no problem!  That is our Friday night fix usually.   My favourite coffee shop is The Mad Bean on Eglinton Avenue, and it is a real, old-school coffee shop.  They have live music at times – the guy sitting in the corner playing guitar and a friendly atmosphere. The kids love it, and they have wifi!”

Her Favourite Activities without the Girls

“We are only a six-minute drive to Whole Foods, which has underground parking. I am getting all the best in organic food and I don’t have to step outside when it snows!  The Yorkville Club around the corner from Whole Foods also has the BEST classes for burning off the baby weight. I can get my groceries, and my workout in, all in a morning, and then be home to have lunch with my girls.”

Her Neighbourhood Hidden Gem

What does this mom on the street consider a neighbourhood hidden gem? “My husband and I are huge fans of Edo-Ko in the Village –  it has possibly the best sushi in the city. We go there for our “date afternoon”, when the kids are at school and we can go for a late lunch alone.”

Toronto the Good

“Even though we love the small town feel of the Village, we also love Toronto for the fact it is a big city that gives our family access to things like the Royal Ontario Museum, the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Canadian Opera Company.  These are all things we support on a regular basis. Yes, my girls like opera!  I think opera is what brings us together as a family.  We take the girls to the ones that they will understand and love – like The Magic Flute and then my husband and I will go for our date night to something like Salome and we will have heated discussions about it afterwards.  There is always so much passion in a conversation about opera!”

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, Kara, as our latest Mom on the Street!

Rebecca Ruddle

Rebecca is a Toronto born and bred mom of two young boys. She is always exploring the city looking for fun things to do, eat and see with them, without losing her sanity or breaking the bank. She blogs at Brain-Dead Mom.

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