Preschoolers and Performing Arts: Five Benefits

performing arts CATS DramaWhen you think about drama and performing arts classes, the odds are good that you picture kids age 10 and up. We often associate theatre classes with high school students, however there are lots of reasons to consider performing arts classes for much younger kids. Your preschoolers can receive many benefits by taking a walk on the theatrical side. Today we’re sharing five reasons to consider music, dance and drama for your little ones.

Five Reasons to Enroll Your Preschooler in Performing Arts Classes

1. Improved Self-Confidence

When kids tackle new challenges and gain new skills, their self-confidence increases. The performing arts provide little ones with ample opportunities to do just that. As your child learns how to move on stage, deliver a line, sing or dance, they’re stretching and growing. They’re also learning just what they’re capable of. These lessons pay off. Just think of how many adults take classes and join clubs to learn how to speak in front of others, for instance. Through performing arts classes you’re giving your little ones a head start and boosting their confidence in themselves.

2. Enhanced Creativity

We all know that children are innately creative. In fact, you could argue they’re the most creative people in the world. Performing arts classes nurture that creativity, as children learn to express themselves through different art forms. Whether they’re playing theatre games, moving to music, playing an instrument or singing a song, they’re flexing their creative muscles. As they face and master new creative challenges, they’ll learn to think in new and different ways. This enhanced creativity isn’t just useful on stage, either. Creativity has many benefits in all areas of life.

3. Learning Teamwork

In the performing arts, lots of people play lots of different roles. There are actors, directors, dancers, singers, musicians, choreographers, lighting people, sound people, and so on. When you participate in the performing arts, you learn to work with others. Everyone needs to play their part – including your little one – in order for the show to go on. This means that children who take performing arts classes are gaining social skills, and learning how to collaborate. Once again, this is something that pays dividends in all areas of life, not just in the theatre.

4. Encouraging Improvisation

It’s rare that everything goes exactly to plan in the performing arts. Actors, dancers and musicians need to learn how to roll with it when technical or other challenges arise. Through these experiences in the performing arts, even preschoolers can learn flexibility and improvisation. Learning how to think on your feet is an important life skill, and it’s something that your child may pick up from their time on stage.

5. It’s a Whole Lot of Fun

We’re talking about preschoolers, which means that fun is where it’s at. If it isn’t engaging, then little kids won’t want to do it. A good class for young children needs to reach them where they’re at. That means honouring their personalities and abilities, keeping them moving, and maybe throwing in a healthy dose of humour for good measure. The performing arts do just that, as kids play with movement, timing, drama, comedy, rhythm and more. With different roles for different kids, your child can also find the space where they’re most comfortable.

Choosing classes and activities for your child can be challenging. Sometimes thinking outside the box pays off. Performing arts classes for preschool-aged children might sound unusual, but if you look into it you may be surprised by what you find.

performing arts cats dramaThis article was sponsored by The Children’s Arts Theatre School. Voted best theatre school 10 years in a row by the readers of City Parent Magazine, The Children’s Arts Theatre School (CATS), has been Toronto’s leader in professional theatre training for students ages 3 years to 18 years, providing young people with the opportunity to experience the transformational magic of live theatre! From trust-forming theatre games, sophisticated groups improvisation, to full-scale theatrical productions young actors learn to harness the power of concentration, improve thinking processes, encourage spontaneous expression and develop self-confidence. Now established in five different locations across Toronto, The Children’s Art Theatre School (CATS) continues to welcome new students who share in our mission to enrich the community through the performing arts. From their Junior Program, designed for children ages 3-6 to their more advanced programs for teens ages 12-15, classes are designed to embrace all talent and skill levels, and students are encourage to explore their creativity through a variety of fun, energetic drama games and activities.

*Featured image courtesy of The Children’s Art Theatre School

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