Saving Money on your Phone Bill

phone bill yak sponsoredAs those of us who are old enough to remember will recall, phone service was a very different thing 30 years ago. Most families had only one phone, which was attached to the wall, and was typically rotary dial. Answering machines were rare – if you called someone and they weren’t there, you had to try back until you got them. There was only one phone company, and they provided you with both local and long distance phone service. Those long distance calls were a big deal, and people worked hard to keep them as short as possible, so they wouldn’t have a nasty surprise when the phone bill arrived.

In the past 30 years things have changed a lot. Today we have smart phones that do a whole lot more than make phone calls, and that go everywhere with us. If you have a landline, you likely have more than one phone, and those phones are likely cordless. Long distance rates have decreased significantly, and new tools like video calling allow you to talk to your distant friends and family without paying any long distance rates at all. The number of choices when it comes to choosing a telephone service provider has increased dramatically. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t still steps you can take to cut down on your phone bill. Today we’re sharing four tips.

Four Tips to Help You Save Money on Your Phone Bill

1. Find Alternatives to Using the Phone

Long distance calls may be cheaper than they were 30 years ago, but that doesn’t mean they’re free. However, there are alternatives that are, especially if you have a good Internet plan. Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts and other services offer free video and voice calling. Because your’e making these calls online, you’re not paying for long distance minutes. The less you use your phone, the lower your phone bill will be.

2. Consider Voice over IP

Voice over IP, or VoIP, is a service that allows you to make phone calls over the Internet. Rates are typically lower than traditional land lines and many cell phone plans, and most of their plans include a certain amount of free long distance minutes each month. If you’re making a lot of long distance phone calls and you want to reduce your phone bill, this can be a good option.

3. Review Your Plan

Phone companies offer so many different plans, it can be hard to know which one to choose. By examining your phone bill each month, however, you can compare how you’re actually using your phone with the plans your phone provider offers. For instance, if you’re paying for a bunch of long distance minutes every month that you’re not using, or if you’re consistently going over your monthly long distance allowance, you may want to review your plan and see if you can find one that fits better. Ditto if you’re paying for a bunch of services that you’re not using.

4. Shop Around

If your current phone provider isn’t meeting your needs, shopping around may be the best way to reduce your phone bill. As we said at the outset, there are a lot of different companies to choose from today. Explore your options and ask questions. Generally speaking, you’re more likely to get the best deal when you actually call and speak to someone than when you shop online, so brave the time spent on hold. If you look, the odds are good that you’ll find someone who offers a plan that’s more suited to your family’s phone needs

What about you – how do you save money on your phone bill? Leave a reply and let us know!

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