Skiing and Snowboarding: Kids Hit the Slopes with SnowPass

With November slowly drawing to a close, there can be no doubt that winter is on its way to Toronto. With it comes winter sports, including skiing and snowboarding. If you have a child in grade four or five (born in 2003 or 2004) who wants to try – or already loves – skiing and snowboarding, you’ll want to check out the SnowPass. It’s a national program from the Canadian Ski Council that offers grade four and five kids a pass that’s valid at more than 150 ski areas across the country, including 33 here in Ontario.

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At a time of the year when you feel as if you’re stuck inside, the SnowPass gives you a great incentive to get active. Patrick Arkeveld, President and CEO of the Canadian Ski Council says, “Introducing children to skiing and snowboarding at an early age gives them lifetime access to these healthy winter sports. It keeps them fit, less prone to obesity, and outside and active during the winter months. Better yet, skiing and snowboarding are sports kids can do with the entire family for a lifetime.”

If your child hasn’t tried skiing and snowboarding before, it’s not a problem. The Canadian Ski Council has information online to help you get started. Signing up for a SnowPass is one way to give your kids more practice time wherever you travel in Canada this winter.

Skiing and Snowboarding on the Cheap

The pass costs $29.95, which makes it a very affordable option. Especially when you consider that you only need to apply once – so if your child is in grade four this year, it will be good for two years. After you apply for your pass and it’s mailed to you, you can use it to go skiing and snowboarding up to three times at each ski area across Canada. This means that if you travel over the holidays, you can use it on the road, and then you can use it again when you get back home or head out of town for the Family Day long weekend.

Whether your kids are skiing and snowboarding pros or total newbies, why not make the time to hit the slopes this year? It’s a great way to get active, spend time together, and enjoy all of the seasons this country has to offer. To find out more about the SnowPass program, or to apply for one for your child, visit them online.

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