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For the past two years we’ve searched out the Top 30 Toronto Mom Blogs here at Toronto Mom Now. In 2012, when all the votes were counted, Fiona Stevenson and Lyranda Martin Evans of Reasons Mommy Drinks emerged as the top overall Toronto mom bloggers. Their signature blogging style is hilarious, which is no surprise when you consider that these high school friends honed their comedic skills through The Second City. They also founded a sketch comedy troupe, Math is Hard. In 2011, they serendipitously had baby boys four months apart, sparking a new collaboration in blogging. Throw in some content-inspired beverage recipes, and they’ve hit on a winning formula.

Reasons Mommy Drinks: The Book

reasons mommy drinks bookIt’s no surprise, then, that their blog has now become a debut book called (wait for it) Reasons Mommy Drinks. It was released by Three Rivers Press earlier this week, and it promises ‘a compulsively readable collection of short, humorous pieces about the challenging life of a new parent – from Board Books and Mommy and Me Yoga, to Single People and The End of Maternity Leave – with a well-deserved and delicious drink recipe to go with each one!’ Cheers to that.

The book offers observations on new parenthood through the first-person voice of a mom talking to her baby. For example, “Mommy can’t believe she’s going to pay a teenager $40 to sit in her living room for three hours texting her boyfriend and eating Mommy’s cappuccino frozen yogurt.” Or, “Mommy used to pore over Jonathan Franzen novels and biographies about Steve Jobs, but now she finds herself overly invested in the search and rescue mission of Where’s Spot?” If you also really need a drink after nine months of pregnancy, hosting scores of visitors who simply had to see your new arrival, and experiencing a self-esteem crisis thanks to super-thin celebrity moms smiling out at you from magazine covers, you may want to get your hands on a copy. If you need more convincing, here are some super-funny testimonials:

“The ultimate baby shower gift.” —Author’s sister
“It’s the must-have for new moms.” —Paid PR person
“I’m so glad I took my birth control this morning.” —Single girl

You can get your copy of Reasons Mommy Drinks at Chapters / Indigo,, or iTunes.

Amber Strocel

Amber Strocel is the Managing Editor of City Mom Now, the parent network of Toronto Mom Now. She is a writer, podcaster, ardent crafter and green mom, who believes strongly in the power of the Internet to connect and empower. You can follow her on her personal blog at

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