What to do in Toronto: Kid-Friendly Fun at the CNE

what to do in toronto - cneThe Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) is a Toronto tradition that has been taking place for the last 135 years. I remember heading down to the CNE when I was a little kid and I’m sure my girls will remember our trips to the CNE when they grow up. When the CNE arrives we know that the summer is almost over…it always means that school is just around the corner. The CNE is the best place to visit if you are wondering what to do in Toronto to celebrate the last blast of summer. There are so many things to do when you visit.

What to do in Toronto: Kid-Friendly Fun at the CNE

While opening weekend is already over, there’s still lots of kid-friendly Toronto fun to be had at the CNE. Check out this list of 5 family-friendly things to do at the CNE.

1. The Flying Wallendas

In a time when kids spend hours virtually swinging from vines and jumping 30 stories at a time, The Flying Wallendas’ tightrope and trapeze act is an incredible reminder of the reality of these stunts. The number of “what if’s” that shoot through your mind as they walk that tiny rope is amazing.

2. The Misting Tent

I know this one sounds silly, but my kids aren’t the only kids who love running back and forth through the misting tent. Yep, the simple tent that is set up as a way to cool people off when the weather gets hot. It’s free, they only get a little bit wet and it’s super fun.

what to do in toronto cne misting tent

3. Zip Line

 – As we drove along the Gardner Expressway last weekend I said “Hey, what’s that?” It was a 126 foot tower with a 1,100 foot zip line. Now, this one is for adults only and really only for brave adults…but none the less it looks like it would be a pretty incredible ride to try out this year.

4. The Midway at Nightwhat to do in toronto cne at night

We love going to the CNE in the late afternoon. The heat of the day has cooled down, the breeze is streaming in from the lake and when the sun sets the Midway comes to life. The sounds, smells and sights of the midway are magically transformed when all the lights switch on. For a child, it’s like nothing they have ever experienced before.

5. Sky Ride

For a bird’s eye view of the CNE be sure to take a ride on the Sky Ride. I remember riding high above the fair grounds when I was a little girl. Never fear, you won’t be taking a trip on the same old ride that I was on as a child, last year was the debut of a whole new Sky Ride. The ride was so popular with families last year that they have added additional cars.

The list of things to see and do at the CNE is seriously endless. I didn’t even mention the SuperDogs, the children’s farm area, the delicious and unusual treats in the Food Building, the concerts, the cooking shows and parades. There are plenty of deals to be had; $5 admission after 5pm and Kids Toonie Tuesdays. It is hard to believe that so much can be packed in to two short weeks. Do you have any fond memories of visiting the CNE? What is your “must-see” ride or event?

Canadian National Exhibition – CNE

www.theex.com | Facebook | Twitter
August 16-September 2, 2013
Toronto Exhibition Place north of Lakeshore Boulevard, West
between Strachan Avenue and Dufferin Street

*Image credit – CNE at night courtesy of the Canadian National Exhibition

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