What to do in Toronto: Leslieville Farmers’ Market

Farmers’ market season has officially arrived. Our local market, the Leslieville Farmers’ Market opened its ‘doors’ last Sunday and kicked off the summer market season. The market has quickly become a bustling hub for our neighbourhood. When you arrive it is best to head straight to the chalkboard and see what’s happening. A trip to the local farmers’ market is such an incredible opportunity for kids to become connected to the food they eat. Kids who grow up in the hustle and bustle of the city can sometimes become disconnected from where and how their food is grown. It is important for the future of our environment and the future of farming, that the younger generation become interested in food production. Visiting the farmers’ market is what to do in Toronto to build this relationship.

what to do in toronto kid-friendly toronto leslieville farmers market

What to do in Toronto: Buy Local

The Leslieville Farmers’ Market is filled with a great variety of farmers. You will find everything; fruits, vegetables, meat, preserves, cheeses, baked goods and seafood. Such an incredible selection of fresh and healthy food. On this first outing of the season we picked up a little bit of everything.

You will also find music at the market. Each weekend a different band gets everyone dancing…especially the little ones. The Leslieville Market is shaded by beautiful old trees and they make the perfect spot to rest, snack and listen to some tunes. And don’t worry about packing a lunch, the market has a great selection of food to enjoy. Our family’s favourites are the fresh fish tacos…and the refreshing lemonade.

what to do in toronto kid-friendly toronto leslieville farmers market

Farmers’ Market Tips

Are you planning a trip to the farmers’ market this weekend? Here are a few tips for making your visit enjoyable for the kids.

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  • Bring a basket – Kids love the responsibility of carrying around the food you purchase in their own basket…it’s better than pushing the shopping cart at the grocery store.
  • Let your child pick out the food – The farmers’ market is filled with new and interesting vegetables and fruit, let your child explore and pick what appeals to her.
  • Eat and drink – Make sure that the kids aren’t hungry or thirsty by grabbing a snack at the market or eating before you arrive. A hungry kid isn’t going to be very happy about wandering around the farmers’ market.
  • Ask a question – Depending on your child’s age, encourage him to ask a farmer one question. One question each visit can provide your child with a lot of valuable information.
  • Plan dinner – Use the items you purchase at the market to make dinner…let the kids help plan and prepare the meal…making a true connection from farm to plate.


Head to the Leslieville Farmers’ Market site to find our more information about the market and what events are up and coming. Then stop by and visit – eating local is what to do in Toronto!

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