What to do in Toronto: Legoland Discovery Centre

A visit to the Legoland Discovery Centre at Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre is a must if you have children who love Lego. In my house, Lego is king and we recently spent four very happy and busy hours there. The ticket prices are a bit steep. At $22 per adult and $18 per kid aged 3-12, it is an expensive day out for a family. If you live with Lego addicts as I do, it’s still worth adding to your list of what to do in Toronto, because you will get value.

Lego Heaven

what to do in toronto Lego2To adult eyes, the place is not huge, but I could see that my boys felt it was room upon room of Lego heaven. After getting your tickets, you are let in about a dozen at a time to keep the first areas from getting overcrowded.

First up is a room that tells the kid-version of how Lego is made, letting kids stir up the plastic beads and use a press that makes the blocks. Next up is a fun chariot ride through a Lego castle where you and the kids get to shoot lasers at various targets. Warning – a camera takes a picture of you about half way through and while your kids will look happy and relaxed, you will look crazed and bug-eyed since it turns out, you were the most focused on the targets. They will of course try to sell you this photo after you get off the ride – something they should consider offering for free considering the cost of admission.

What to do in Toronto for Lego Fans

what to do in toronto Lego3The room that follows is really entertaining for adults – it’s a Lego version of Toronto including the skyline and the airport. The lights even dim to show the city at night as trucks and cars drive around the streets and boats cruise the harbour. The kids can press buttons to play pinball baseball in the Skydome, get a goal in the ACC, operate a jackhammer and move pipe with a crane. There is so much detail in here that you will love, I guarantee the kids will bore of this room long before you.

The final and largest area is where you will spend the most time and where it gets really busy a couple of hours after opening. There is a large netted kid scaffolding dubbed the Lego Fire Academy where kids can build and climb. If your kids love going around in circles, a Harry Potter inspired ride will delight. For those who enjoy building cars and trucks, there’s a Lego racing area where they can drive their creations down a variety of ramps.

Enjoy a Movie

When everyone is ready to sit down for a bit, head into the Lego theatre for a movie. I don’t know if you have ever watched any of the Lego Minifigure movies online but they are hilarious for everyone. The ones at Legoland are presented in 4D, which means not only do you get to wear 3D glasses and watch amused as your children try to touch the images, you get to feel the wind of the Lego helicopters, get spritzed by the Lego fire hose and feel the snow blowing through the air. It’s fantastic. We all loved the experience.

All in all a great day and I am sure the kids could have stayed another four hours without a blink. Of course they passed out in the car on the way home. Now that is a day well spent! It’s not cheap, but it is a great answer for what to do in Toronto with your own Lego lovers.

Mom Tips

Buy your tickets online before you go to avoid the longer line-up and definitely get there for opening if you can – it gets really crowded. You are not allowed to bring in outside food unless your child has allergies but there is a café inside that has a good variety of reasonably priced sandwiches and snacks. Don’t forget to bring socks, there is a shoe-free area that requires them.

LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre

www.legolanddiscoverycentre.ca | Twitter | Facebook
1 Bass Pro Mills Drive, Vaughan, ON, 1-855-356-2150

Rebecca Ruddle

Rebecca is a Toronto born and bred mom of two young boys. She is always exploring the city looking for fun things to do, eat and see with them, without losing her sanity or breaking the bank. She blogs at Brain-Dead Mom.

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