What to do in Toronto: See a Puppet Show!

Puppet Allsorts is What to do in Toronto

what to do in toronto puppet allsortsThe Toronto Puppetry Collective, came into being last year in order to fill this performance gap in our city. Most large American cities have operating puppet theatres, and they felt it was time for Toronto to join the ranks. Since their inaugural performance, they have had an incredible response from both audience and performers. In fact, next season they’re adding two additional performances, one of which is dedicated to a group of new works. Eventually they also hope to include a lecture series, workshops and other events. And if you and your kids are looking for some fun, their Puppet Allsorts series may be the answer for what to do in Toronto.

The Puppet Allsorts series started in December 2012 and runs until June 2013. They have had three sold out shows so far, and with their next one coming up on March 17, 2013, you’ll want to get your tickets soon. They have been concentrating on booking puppeteers that are from Ontario, with a number of them from Toronto. You’ll see that reflected at the show on the 17th, which features puppeteer Chad Solomon, who is a member of the Henvey Inlet First Nation. His performance is part of his series called Rabbit and Bear Paws: Nanabozhoo and the Animals.

Introducing Toronto to Live Puppetry

what to do in toronto puppet allsortsThe Toronto Puppetry Collective has designed the series with the thought of introducing as many people to live puppetry as possible, especially the many diverse forms of puppetry currently being practiced in Toronto. They bill the majority of the performances as “all ages”, and they clock in at around 40 minutes, making them the perfect answer for what to do in Toronto with your family. Many of the performances are also interactive, and younger audience members will really enjoy calling out. Each performance ends with a Q & A session, as well, so you can learn something about the puppets and puppetry. They also have a display of relevant puppets, books, and so available to look at, as part of their mandate is education.

Their intimate venue at 1581 Dupont Street in Toronto’s West End seats 50, and they provide a large cushioned floor space in front the the stage so everyone has a good seat. The March 17, 2013 show runs from 3:00-4:00pm. If you can’t make that they also have two daytime shows coming up on April 21, 2013. If you want to add this to your list of what to do in Toronto this weekend you can find more information and buy tickets by visiting Puppet Allsorts online.

Puppet Allsorts

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