Where to Eat in Toronto: Linda Modern Thai

Wondering where to eat in Toronto for Thai? Guest writer Sandra Williams-Hervé checks out one option.

It was a cool, crisp mid-fall night when my husband, daughter and I approached the majestic entrance door of Linda Modern Thai. Located in the newly gentrified Toronto intersection of Don Mills and Lawrence, Linda Modern Thai offers pleasant surprises. Being welcomed by a painted trio of elephants was just the beginning.

The Décorwhere to eat in toronto linda modern thai

The décor was unquestionably royal in its theme. Gold traditional dancers adorn the interior front of house wall and the Asian-inspired wooded dividers seem to soar upwards, as if trying to reach the mythical place of Shangri-La.

Kid-Friendly Toronto Dining

Despite the sophistication that surrounded us, I still felt welcomed with our baby in tow. Within earshot of our seats, I could hear the joyful babbles of an infant enjoying the company of his family. Linda is where to eat in Toronto with kids to if you want to have a smart, mature meal. It’s also the type of place you can go for an intimate date night with your significant other or shoot the breeze with your girls.

Where to Eat in Toronto for Creative Cuisine

where to eat in toronto linda modern thaiWe kicked things off with a hot bowl of Tom Yum Goong (hot and sour shrimp soup). This soup is a mainstay of many Thai restaurants but what makes this one stand out is its evenly balanced flavour and spice ($7). Next, we dove into the Traditional Platter for Two. The assorted mini-platter consists of perfectly grilled chicken, beef, shrimp or tofu satays and a pair of vegetarian spring rolls ($15).

The Royal Pad Thai ($17) that I ordered was an exemplified creative cuisine at its finest. When the waitress brought my dish to the table I wondered why it came wrapped in an airy egg-based blanket. She replied by saying the wrapping was a royal technique that owners, Ernest and Linda Liu, brought back with them after a visit to Thailand. After I cut into the airy egg-based blanket, rose coloured noodles sat atop a bed flavourful chicken that was soaked in classic tamarind and fish sauce. I’ve had a lot of pad thai in my life, but this dish was truly remarkable.

My husband ordered a feast for the senses, Coconut Seafood Curry ($23). Inside he found a delightful party of aromatic shrimps, scallops, calamari, mussels all of which are and fish enrobed in green and golden curries. And if this wasn’t tempting enough, all the ingredients were swimming inside a warm coconut fortress.


Even though the servings were satisfying there’s always room for dessert. I selected a Chocolate Lava Cake served with a side of Coconut Ice Cream ($7). Every mouthful of warm, gooey and decadent chocolate was worth its calorie count. My husband enjoyed his exotic Mango Sticky Rice ($6). It’s the perfect dessert for someone who wants to try something adventurous and not too sweet.

Honouring Quality

Fact: there is a real Linda behind Linda Modern Thai and this lady believes in following Thai tradition. Earlier this year, the three-year-old restaurant was named Canada’s first Thai select premium restaurant, a mark of distinction handed down from the Thai government because of their insistence on using real Thai ingredients and authentic Thai techniques. This is where to eat in Toronto for the real deal.

Wonderful Service

We go out to restaurants for two main reasons: presentation and service. Toronto’s Linda Modern Thai passes with flying colours when it comes to these criteria. The thought that went into the plating of every dish is not to be dismissed and the courteous and friendly staff will definitely bring me back to the restaurant. Case in point: during our meal my husband dropped his napkin, and as the white woven food wiper made its descent towards the floor, a floor manager with military-like precision intercepted its fall. Moments later, he graciously handed the renegade napkin to my husband – before he knew the napkin went AWOL. Now that’s what I call paying attention to your customer.

Linda Modern Thai

11 Karl Fraser Road, Toronto, 416-642-3866
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Sandra Williams-Hervé is a theatre kid with wanderlust turned multi-media writer, editor and entrepreneur. She has an eye for good style and a palette for delectable bites, and is always happy to dish the dirt on where and how to get a great deal. Above all, she’s a new mom to beautiful girl who is constantly on the move. Follow her @hervesandra.

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