Where to Eat in Toronto: Redfish, Bluefish Creative Cafe

We love to go out and explore our city. It is always fun to discover a new neighbourhood. That’s exactly what happened this summer. The girls and I were out and about near Spadina and Harbord and we uncovered the fabulous RedFish, BlueFish Creative Cafe. If you are wondering where to eat in Toronto where the kids can be get crafty and you can grab a cup of tea and a bite to eat, this is the spot for you.

Where to Eat in Toronto

Where to Eat in Toronto Redfish Bluefish FoodRedFish, BlueFish Creative Cafe is a wonderful combination of coffee shop and craft space for children. My girls and I fell in love with the simple, yet thoughtful design right away. First things first, we ordered our drinks – my tea, one “Fluffy” a yummy frothy milk drink and one “Frost Bite” a refreshing strawberry ice drink. We also enjoyed a light lunch – a hummus and avocado sandwich and “Little Bite” a snack plate with cucumbers, strawberries and hummus. Before we even started eating my girls headed straight for the wall of board games. They picked up the checkers board, we grabbed a table and started to play. The perfect way to spend a some time together.

The Crafts

Where to Eat in Toronto redFish BlueFish craftThe true gem of the RedFish, BlueFish Creative Cafe is the creative and crafty space at the back of the cafe. Children are greeted by a large, low craft table, benches and a wall of craft supplies. Paper, glue, scissors, feathers, pipe cleaners and much more just waiting to be transformed into whatever a child can imagine. While some kid-friendly cafe’s charge a fee to use the craft space, RedFish, BlueFish does not.

I was able to sit back and enjoy my tea while my girls explored and got creative. Other crafty kids creations were on display in the space. In fact, RedFish, BlueFish is becoming an integral part of their neighbouring community. This fall they will be hosting after school and weekend programs including yoga, drama, dance and art classes (of course). RedFish BlueFish Creative Cafe is a great way to spend some time with your friends and family, and a great answer for where to eat in Toronto with kids.

RedFish BlueFish Creative Cafe

www.redfishbluefishcafe.com | Twitter | Facebook
73 Harbord Street, Toronto, 416-960-2233

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