Where to Shop in Toronto: Skip the Grocery Store with Fresh Canteen

where to shop in toronto fresh canteen 1One of the most common complaints I hear from parents is how hard it is to go to the grocery store with the kids. It seems that as soon as some kids enter the grocery store something “clicks” in their little brains. What should be a pleasant trip around the aisles can turn into a nightmare…with screaming child in tow. So, last week when I was given the opportunity to try out the great new home meal delivery service, Fresh Canteen, I jumped at the opportunity. The idea of letting Fresh Canteen do the grocery shopping was too good to pass up.

Where to Shop in Toronto for Family-Friendly Meals

where to shop in toronto fresh canteen recipe cardFresh Canteen is a service that delivers all the ingredients, measured and ready to assemble, that you need to make a healthy meal at home. A trip to their site will lead you to the recipe options they have for the week. Fresh Canteen sources their ingredients from reputable sources, and tries to select seasonal, local items when possible. Recipes include fish, poultry, pork, beef and veggie options. The meals are well balanced and make it easy to make family-friendly food. Once you select the recipe you would like to try…make the selection…and wait for delivery.

Our meal arrived in an insulated cardboard box, fitted with ice packs. Inside we found all the ingredients we needed to make a dinner of chili pork tenderloin with a side of bok choy and rice. Along with the ingredients, an easy to follow recipe, with pictures, was included.

For Busy Families

where to shop in toronto fresh canteen dinnerWe followed the step-by-step instructions and voila, dinner was on the table in no time.

Fresh Canteen is a great choice for busy families. I think just about every family has one night of the week when things are so hectic,  you can’t even begin to imagine what dinner will be. That is the perfect night for a Fresh Canteen dinner. Skip the grocery store headache and enjoy a healthy, home cooked dinner.

Fresh Canteen

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