You Say: What Toronto Moms Really Want for Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! In honour of this holiday – and the hand cramps we all have after cutting out three dozen paper hearts – we decided to ask you what you really want to receive today. You came through, and we’re sharing your responses in the You Say feature.

So, what do Toronto moms hope to receive? It turns out that the seasonal favourites of candy and flowers don’t top your list. We’re actually not all that surprised by that. Here’s what you would ask for if you could have anything:

You Say: Valentine’s Day Giftsyou say valentine's day

Sharla Finn kept it short and sweet by saying that what she really wants is, “Me time.”

Cachelle Odette Colquhoun could really use a, “Part time nanny.” We’re sure many other Toronto Moms can relate.

Ashleigh Gamez is dreaming that she’ll get, “A massage!!” Preach it, sister.

Non-profit group Everyday Child would like, “Local support and pledges!”

Sometime Toronto Mom Now contributor Lisa Borden is hoping for, “Happy kids.”

Jennifer Alger Morse wants, “Dinner cooked for me and a nice bottle of wine.” Then she adds, “And if the sky was the limit, something pretty from Tiffany & Co.” You can’t beat a little blue box.

Grassroots Environmental Products shares, “We just published an article about this – basically, focus on things you love and thank yourself. It doesn’t have to be about actually being in love with someone.” We bet you deserve a lot of thanks for all the things that you do, on Valentine’s Day and every day.

Now you’ve heard what your fellow Toronto moms are hoping for, we’re turning the You Say tables back on you. Tell us – what do you really want for Valentine’s Day? Leave us a reply and let us know!

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