2014 Top 30 Toronto Mom Blogger Nominations

We are very excited to be opening up the third annual Top 30 Toronto Mom Blogger nominations. Since 2012 we have met so many amazing Toronto mom bloggers. Every year we look forward to being introduced to a whole new group of incredible women who are sharing their stories in the blogosphere. We are looking to you, our readers, to tell us who should be included in the Top 30 Toronto Mom Blogger list again this year. Tell us which blogs you cannot get enough of. Is there a mom blog that cracks you up, or brings a thoughtful tear to your eye. Which Toronto mom blogger has you coming back to read, day after day. Nominate your favourite Toronto mom blogger…we want to know.

Which Toronto Mom Bloggers Are Eligible?

While we would love to accept everyone for the 2014 Top 30 Toronto Mom Bloggers, here is what you have to consider before making your nomination.

*  We only accept new nominees. If your fave mom blogger was already nominated in 2012 or 2013 they are not eligible this year.
*  Eligible bloggers must be moms and must live in Toronto, or the Greater Toronto Area. Double check this map to see which cities qualify.
*  Nominated blogs do not have to be parenting or motherhood focused. We are looking for blogs that have a clear and strong mom voice. The topic of the blog is not as important as the personality of the mom who writes the blog.
*  Business blogs are eligible, however the personality of the blogger must shine through.
*  The blog must be active. We are looking for bloggers that post at least one new post each week.
*  Feel free to nominate yourself…self-nominations are encouraged!
*  We are looking for blogs that are written by individual moms, group blogs are not eligible. However, we will make an exception for blogs with two authors, so long as they are both Toronto moms and neither mom has been nominated in the past.

TMN top blogger logoContest Timeline

*  May 29 to June 12 – Nomination period
*  June 30 to July 5 – We will profile each of the Top 30 Toronto Mom Bloggers
*  July 7 to July 14 – Voting takes place
*  July 15 – Top Toronto Mom Blogger will be announced

Nominate Your Favourite Toronto Mom Blogger

It’s time…nominate your favourite Toronto mom blogger! Thanks.

Sorry…nominations are now closed.

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