5 Steps to Clearing the Clutter Before Christmas

clearing the clutterWith only one month to go before Christmas, life in most homes is getting hectic. Soon we will be hauling out the Christmas tree and all those holiday decorations. Not to mention the flood of new toys that will arrive from Santa on Christmas morning. Before unwrapping the gifts and adding more stuffed toys to the pile, it’s a great time to clear out the clutter. We have put together 5 simple steps to clearing the clutter before the holidays.

5 Steps to Clearing the Clutter Before the Holidays

Clutter Clearing Supplies: The first step to clearing the clutter from your home is gathering the supplies you will need. Cardboard boxes, large bags and markers are all you need to get started.  A great place to look for boxes is a local grocery store or liquor store…be sure to use clean boxes for items you want to keep. Large bags can be used for clothing and soft items – like all those stuffed toys!

Start Small: The easiest way to get discouraged is to attempt decluttering every single room of your home in one day. Set smaller, attainable goals. Start with taking on one room a day. In one week you will have made your way through your entire house.

Sort the Stuff: Once you have the supplies and you know where you are starting, it is time to sort your stuff. Designate a box/bag for items you want to keep, items you want to donate and items that are garbage. An old snowsuit makes a great donation, an old snowsuit that is ripped and stained might not make a great donation. If you are not sure if you want to part with an item, go ahead and keep it. After all, decluttering is a task that you can come back to monthly, seasonally or annually.

Dispose of the Stuff: Now that everything has been sorted, what do you do with all the boxes and bags? A simple way to remove items from your home is to use the services of a junk removal business like JustJunk®. JustJunk® will come to your home to remove the items and they will properly dispose of, donate or recycle your items. This is the perfect solution for busy parents who don’t have time to drive boxes and bags around the city. They will even remove larger furniture, electronics and appliances.

Get Ready for the Holidays: Once your home is free of clutter it is time to take a deep breath and bring in the holiday decorations. It will feel so much better when the kids open their gifts on Christmas morning, knowing that there is plenty of space for the new toys. There is also a great satisfaction in knowing that the things you are no longer using are being enjoyed by others. You can sit back, put your feet up and enjoy the holidays.

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